Reasons to be cheerful, pt. 4

By amf - 03/06/2011 03:08 - United States

Today, I got fired via text. The last sentence was, "Wish you the best, take care!" FML
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What did you expect? "You're fired asshole?"

Texting is never the right way for firing or break ups. What happened to being sincere and having a face to face conversation?


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atleast you aren't a heat fan!

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They were only trying to put it to you nicely.

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what's worse, getting fired by text or email?

There must have been reason to fire you. At least they were nice doing it.

ya and I would have text back a big **** OFF!

24, I agree with one exception: Chuck Norris

yeah. at least they had the decency to write it properly instead of "wsh u th bst. tk care".

57 ths is prfctly dcnt spch. I dnt knw wht ur tlkin about.

Texting is never the right way for firing or break ups. What happened to being sincere and having a face to face conversation?

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What kind of manager is that?

I'm pretty sure there's laws against the way you're fired. even if you'd had a written warning, verbal warning etc, your boss isn't allowed to text you to tell you you're fired. sue their asses!!

I'm pretty sure you're just making up laws. Few people are guaranteed a job so if you're legally allowed to be fired, they can skywrite it for all the law cares. Don't waste your money on lawyers, OP. Crazy people happened. So many people go nuts when they are no longer wanted and the other parties are too scared it might happen to them and be uncomfortable.

#68 Even if it's not law you can't fire someone by txt. For a start there's no guarantee they get the txt and then you have to fire them all over again when they turn up for work anyway..

#6 Fair enough, people in the work place should be professional enough to fire them face to face. However, do you realise just how hard it is to have to fire someone? It's horrible. OP you boss should have at least given you a letter or sent an email though.

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I just saw in the news here (Australia) that this woman received a $60,000 payout for being fired by text and unfair dismissal. of course it would vary country to country, but the laws do exist.

that was the last two sentences. /internet asshole

i swear on muffins that there was a period before the 'take care!' when i posted that. or maybe i'm just making that up to appear less dumb on the internet. you decide.

when i read your comment i imagined how steven carell would of said it lol

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give him a break. I always said would of...

it shows 65, it definitely shows ...

What did you expect? "You're fired asshole?"

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I was thinking the same thing haha. The getting fired over text is kind of an FML, but the last part was un-necessary to add.

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bahahahahahahahshahahahahaha is all I have 2 say

If you worked for a legit company I would think they would have to have something in writing to fire you, texting is not only unprofessional it's irresponsible. It doesn't sound like you had a very good employer but I know getting fired still sucks, sorry OP.

At least they weren't being assholes about it? it could have been a lot worse, bro.

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I'm sure you can find that picture on google