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  cmwatson33  |  2

I know 23 didn't approach in the best way, but she was just firing back at a rude and unneeded comeback. Hers was equally unnessecary, but you should come on FML just to put people down. she shouldn't have done it either, but you're just using straight-up hypocrisy.

  red1355  |  6

uuummmmm.... ya. that is a bio hazzard!! you would have to drain the pool and scrub it with certain chemicals before u could let anyone swim in it again....

  california283  |  6

yep! I call bullshit on this one... and its not even that funny. I was a life guard and a kid pooped in the pool. they had to drain the pool and everyone had to get out of the water .. including guards.

  irritatedone  |  5

You guys are retarded. People pee in pools all the time and they don't get drained for that. Proper procedure is to remove the chunks and add a little extra chlorine to the pool.