By corn - 03/06/2011 01:44 - United Kingdom

Today, whilst at my job as a lifeguard, a small child decided he couldn't hold it any longer and released his bowels in the pool. It was my job to clean up his dump, including the floating pieces of sweetcorn. FML
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frozenfreeze 5

how did you know it was "sweet" corn. lol


shelbyhamilton 0

some good premium sniff, no worries mate

This is why I don't want to be a lifeguard.

Kefka91 15

Been there... I hate little kids with a passion.

bingababe 16

Well it's a good thing you'll probably never have any then, isn't it?

47.. awsome!. anyways I was a lifegaurd once and some blue kid god me fired!

I hope the OP saved some of dat sweet corn for later, that's the perks of being a lifeguard mmm.

Zeek63 0

I would follow him home sneak into his bed room and have a vicious victory shit all over his bed! America!!!!

anon2468 0

"I don't remember having any corn!!"

bingababe 16

Thumb it down people....but you all know it's true!!

This is like Caddyshack. SPALDING NO!!!! DOODIE!!!!

MrBoredomioo 18

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No. Just no. That joke was so lame, it hurts. lol

frozenfreeze 5

For ***** Sake, it only took to the 2nd comment for the lame ass shitty remark.

52 I agree, it's def the most overused pun! it gets old fast!

blondebrunette11 4

haha..that.was.funny. only not... Gosh, your job really stinks!!

igotnolegs 1

If 33's pun was intended; awesome comment!

WTF 52 ur wrinklier than my grandpa"s balls

PrincessesCrown 17

Yummy, looks like you will have a happy next meal with those images in your head.

painlessmind 11

little kids are annoying as ****!

Redneck42 0
MissAimeeAngel 15

your pic kinda freaks me out....

XxMaseratiGurlxX 1
cmwatson33 2

I know 23 didn't approach in the best way, but she was just firing back at a rude and unneeded comeback. Hers was equally unnessecary, but you should come on FML just to put people down. she shouldn't have done it either, but you're just using straight-up hypocrisy.

Sweetcorn out the wazoo? I'd like an explanation here.

red1355 6

uuummmmm.... ya. that is a bio hazzard!! you would have to drain the pool and scrub it with certain chemicals before u could let anyone swim in it again....

yep! I call bullshit on this one... and its not even that funny. I was a life guard and a kid pooped in the pool. they had to drain the pool and everyone had to get out of the water .. including guards.

yeah that would be all unsanitary and whatnot to let people swim in shit-contaminated water...

You guys are retarded. People pee in pools all the time and they don't get drained for that. Proper procedure is to remove the chunks and add a little extra chlorine to the pool.

duma191 21

proper procedure for pools under 50,000 gallons is to drain them. If over 50 you clean and add double shock to the affected pool.

canttouchthis90 0

He left you your lunch in the pool, let's just say he thought of you.

mtlooney225 0

Free lunch at work today!(: haha sorry though, doesn't sound like much fun at all/:

Yumm, I totally wanted to read this while eating. yay me.