By AndieApocalypse - 03/06/2011 04:21 - United States

Today, I was complimented on my hat by two different people. I wasn't wearing a hat. FML
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igotnolegs 1

This FML really needs an explanation.

So stop using a bowl as an outline to cut your hair.


HyundaiOwner7 0

how does this even happen? I've been thinking about everyone I know, and I can't come up with even one person who's hair looks anything like wearing a hat...

not sure how this is an FML... you sound ninja to me..

me and my friends would do that all of the time, you just say "nice hat" and it confuses the hell out of them

Donald trump has hair that looks like a dead ferret on his head.

wasn't it more like a dead squirrel?

igotnolegs 1

This FML really needs an explanation.

OP is is probably a woman with an extreme hairstyle

hatepineapple 14

I personally think the OP had a very thick layer of dandruff that looked like some sort of beret or beanie. :)

my interpretation is that the OP is amy winehouse

Im thinking a very flat hair style. So flat it likes like OP is balancing a piece of paper on her head.

Don't worry, Frohats are cool. (Maybe OP is this guy

sourgirl101 28

Come to Miami. You'll see some freaky looking hairstyles here. I just saw a guy with "Go Heat" braided into his hair.(:

just ask lady gaga she's the hair fashonista xD

CaliGali 9

sounds like you have a large head with big weird looking hair... fix the hair!

Run back to those people! Ask them about the hat they saw, and tell them you want details...could be fun....

AndieApocalypse 0

Way to look on the positive side! (:

well you should be looking on the positive side andie, it's YOUR post!