Randy buggers

By Josie - 21/02/2011 07:46 - Australia

Today, I went to my "not so technologically advanced" grandma's house to help her out with her computer. It appears she has very interesting conversations with the man who lives in the apartment above her. FML
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takeapieandrun 9

At least give us some details... not this "interesting conversations" shit.


Looks like someone needs to get a pair of sunglasses shoved up his/her throat.

usually things are shoved down the throat or up the ass. but never up the throat or down the ass

26, shit is usually shoved down the ass...

KingDingALing 9

Look, you guys, don't make me go back to shoving sticks up your asses again. I won't hesitate to do it either.

Oops, you're right. Oh well, the desire to shove a pair of sunglasses up/down whatever body part is still there.

turn the person upside down, then do the shoving.

KingDingALing 9

Sunglasses just aren't the same, Doortje... :(

We should all take a step back here to reflect on the consequences of those actions. And then we can decide with clear minds whether we need to shove the glasses 'up/down this person's rectum'

yoman305 0

A pair up the throat would hurt more.

Flamehog9 0

caseis you suck at that joke, that's like the third time you've done it.

How is this FYL? Granny is getting her groove on. You should be happy for her.

Ooh brrr. To think she'd sex with your grandpa once upon a time is something you rather not think about, and this is even worse :/

idiot.. old ppl have as much right to have sex, and they do on a regular basis, grow the hell up...

Did I say anything at all about OP's grandma not having the right to have sex? No, I didn't. I just stated that it's not something that people like to think about. But you probably do and that's why you got so mad.

KingDingALing 9

HAHAHAHAHA BURN! Excuse me...I still have the mind of a child.

andrealovvve 17

yea that's not a good picture in mind :l

So what? Your grandma's into some kinky shit? So what. Just because she is old doesn't mean she is dead. OAP's need some good lurvin too you know! ;-)

djrox11 0

whats an OAP? just wondering.... old ass person?

Ha ha. Close, but no. It's Old age pensioner/person

you go nosing around you deserve what you see. you found nudes if her didn't you? bet you kept them.

takeapieandrun 9

At least give us some details... not this "interesting conversations" shit.

whaaaat? you complainin' about her talking to the man upstairs? there's nothin' wrong with that! oh wait... |the kid|

How old is your grandma exactly OP? Because if she was 50ish I can totally see this happening. Haven't celebrities taught us the wonders of face lifting? Maybe your mind refuses to accept that your grams is a senior hottie.