By Anonymous - / Friday 14 August 2015 15:08 / Denmark
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  ang3l4  |  17

A lot of times when I'm scrolling through fml on my phone, I'll accidentally hit YDI. I'm sure there are a lot of people who make the same mistake.

On another note, the exact same thing happened in January at my fiancés, grandmothers funeral. His grandfather has Alzheimer's and didn't exactly understand what was going on. They had been married for 50+ years.... So heartbreaking

By  lurker_no_more  |  13

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  swanheart  |  35

I can understand where you're coming from in that ops grandpa won't remember his wife has died but he clearly knows she's missing and that will agitate him too as he'll keep looking for her. There's really no positive outcome from this.

  LeashaJoy5595  |  28

My grandpa did the same thing after my grandma died, except he thought she had run away with some young man. If we tried to tell him otherwise he would just forget it afterward anyway... Memory loss is the absolute worst, there is no winning in situations like this.

  MRSwick2525  |  23

I know I did shed a tear or two. Brought me right back to right back two 5 days before my sister died. She looked directly at me and said to my mom, "She reminds me of Melissa, looks and acts just like her, where is she?"
So sorry for your loss and what is happening with your Grandfather. I don't even know what to say other then that.

  OopsyDoodle  |  6

Its hard to break that kind of info to someone whose suffering a type of dementia, because it doesnt quite stick, so everytime they hear it, its like hearing it for the first time. He might feel like she's just passed away everytime they tell him she's gone. and you want to just point him to the casket. Where is your heart, man?

  bapbap_fml  |  15

Clearly you've never dealt with a person with dementia. First off, that is going to be hugely traumatic to see your spouse's dead body when you were unaware they had passed. He would almost certainly become severely distressed, and that is just heartless and cruel to do to him. Secondly, he'll likely forget very shortly after and keep asking where she is.

  BeastyMcbeast  |  19

I'm sure those ydi's were simply mis clicks/taps since you can't change votes. I don't think anyone could be purposely mean or heartless to an actually sad fml like this one.

  MRSwick2525  |  23

you never know on this site. some people are just rude and inconsiderate and do it just for a laugh. pretty pathetic if you ask me. I know I have hit it by accident but as I said, a lot of people do it intentionally.