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By dumbdad - 08/09/2010 00:25 - United States

Today, my estranged dad drunk-dialed me at 4 a.m. to apologize, and to make amends. After crying and forgiving, we hung up. Minutes later, he called back to retract everything he said after remembering how I was rude to him at a party 3 years ago. FML
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You shouldn't have been rude.

4(am)-3(years)=1 crazy drunk guy.


You shouldn't have been rude.

was he estranged prior to this party incident?P.S. Wow, Drunken recall. I guess beerfest contains some truth.

Haha sounds like something my dad would do. My parents are divorced and he once came up to our house drunk, crying on his knees about how much he loves his daughters. But he forgot his words the following day haha. Drunk dads can be quite an entertainment. nice to drink people..

Did you consider that you're just a very horrible lay?

Why were you rude to him 3 years ago?

u look like u take it deep

You look like a silhouette. I don't know who "U" is, but if I find out. I'll ask them.

2 from reading your thing about you u can tell that ur a stuck up bitch and I wanna know why are people like you such assholes and think ur better than everybody. r u guys just born that way?

*Looks around* I'm sorry, but I don't speak or read stupid. Come back and ask me when you're not an idiot.

Change the subject because I'm right and u know it. typical

You are so close to making sense! One more try.

You sound like a complete bitch. Apparently you 'don't read stupid' but as far as you demonstrated you don't seem to be able to read simple english. As you seem to not understand sentences but if you need clarification; You- that's you FFML_314! Sound- A noise, or in this context, 'from the conclusion I have draw' Like - analogy A - a marker for noun Complete - 100% Bitch- Female dog, usually referring to a women who thinks she is amazing but not. So basically, in short the conclusion I have drawn from you, is that you are a 'Complete bitch'. My conclusion could be wrong but the guy asked you a simple question (If you were born thinking you are better than everyone else or became it.) You stated clearly on your profile page that you feel you are above everyone else so the question was completely legitimate. You then proceeded to ignore the question and go on about how you don't understand 'stupid' (apparently asking a question about what YOU wrote on your profile is stupid). So that is why I have draw the conclusion that you think you are better than everyone else (yes, you said that on your profile) yet you act rude and obnoxious (you basically say that as well on your profile as well as acting a bit like it too) ∴ =Complete bitch! 'Harden up'/get a bit smarter/don't be so rude 'you baby' :)

yeh you dum asshole it's a fucking question and then u gotta be a complete bitch. thank you Lisa

38- You put alot of work into calling a girl online a complete bitch for no damn reason. Why do you two give a f*ck? None of your damn buisness attacking someone over the internet. You won't ever meet her and you don't even have to read her comments. Go away and have a nice day. OP- Ahhhh the wonders of alcohal. :)

LOL! I liked that. The "I'm better than everyone" on my profile is in "" for a reason. :]

hey #2, I think your child will grow up to be as fucked up as you. rude, arrogant and hated by the society. the only people who don't hate you - your small group of close friends which have that fucked up mentality that they are better than everyone. btw, since you are, why aren't you like the minister or president's wife or something? if you are at a higher level than everyone, why be here on the Internet doing things like a normal person and not just hang out with your friends to bitch about people? if you really are better than others (including your friends) I suggest you do something us normal people won't do like earning billions of dollars effortlessly. unless you are Bill Gates, the founder of McDonalds or something (you know they earn big bucks and don't speak ill of other people) then just shut the fuck up and get counselling together with your fucked up friends of yours. if you are better than others, tell me why you aren't God or some immortal that can make the impossible come true? therefore YOU are the idiot here.

LOL, being called *dumb by you, was far from an insult. I think you can see why. When I call someone a bitch, I'm not usually thinking to myself "this girl think she's amazing but isn't." No, I'm thinking "this girl is rude/nasty/mean/ornery/petty/ugly on the inside" or something of the sort. I'm sorry that the poor boy wanted me to come on and indulge him with an answer, but I think the answer was quite obvious. I can read sentences just fine. Thank you. His was not logical and was poorly written. Therefore, I responded with sarcasm. Sarcasm: witty language used to convey insults or scorn (in case you didn't know) He thinks he's better than me; I think I'm better than him. Win/Win! I like being a "complete" bitch. I never leave anything half finished. If you're going to start being a bitch, you might as well go all of the way, right? Edit: That's not my child. I appreciate your suggestions. I will look into them!

Everyone just drop it. Now... before this gets too far into the retard end of arguments. We are already calling eachothers kids f*cked up and arrogant. T_T

God damnit 2! What did you start?! Just because you looked at her profile and didn't like what you saw?!

Don't you know, I'm famous for pissing people off on this sight. I believe one guy said "Queen Bitch." Daduhdada, I wear my crown proudly.

oh woops, meant 25 sorreh =S

LOL, I love that it took less than 5 hours for someone to piss and moan about my info. Once one decides to "call me out" suddenly they all come crawling out of the woods and have something to say. It's funny that none of these people have had anything to say before. :] If you don't enjoy my comments, I'm very sorry. My friends that have that "fucked up mentality" are people that I truly admire. They are people none of you will ever match. You hate on people that have a "superior" complex, because you are the type of person that is ridiculed for being an idiot. I'm sure someone will scream "I HAVE A DISABILITY" or "I GET STRAIGHT As AND I'M IN THE 9TH GRADE AND IN COLLEGE ALREADY, I CAN GRADUATE EARLY." Blahblahblah. It's the same thing, day after day. Someone always has to throw in the "get a life" bit. Which I love. That's like telling someone to get a life, because they're text messaging. I come on this site when I'm at work, when there's not much to do. I work for a Social Website and I spend the better part of my day, hanging out with my friends. You know the ones that have that "fucked up mentality." Or, were you referring to my friends on FML? If so, prepare to have at least one "said friend" come on here and also give you the low down on why you're an idiot. I'm assuming you are meaning the people on my list. I'm sure any one of them would be glad to help out a friend. >:] You're lucky that you had someone to "back you up." Most of the idiots on here fly alone. Society loves me! I'm a Mayor. Didn't you know?

One hell of a way to start a morning huh FFML_314? :P The past couple times I've visited this site someones been trying to start something with you, oh well I guess people can't get enough of you. Trolls will always be trolling but you seem to have things in control as always. @ OP Alcohol can be a funny thing, my dad is a complete asshole when he is sober but when hes drunk he is the coolest man in the world. One thing is for certain though, even though alcohol can bring out honesty in people it can also make it quite difficult to take them seriously ;p.

It's a great morning. Why not get a head start, right? Cheers!

I'll drink a hot cup of coffee to that!

42, applause to you!! Usually people with so-called superior complex use it just as undercover for their deep, inferiority complexes. FFML_314, you have a thesis that you're better than almost everyone but yet you haven't brought up any proof of that. You are not stupid, I noticed that. But you are an attention whore, therefore all this arrogance and bitchiness, maybe, you're better on the inside but your thirst for attention takes to seem someone different, I don't know what exactly is true here but you can't go around telling people you're better than them because one can't judge themselves, leave it to other people, viewers from the side. I hate writing essay-like long messages on here but whatever, I expressed my point.

Meet my friends. Although they seem to know what they're talking about, they're really robots. Robots I have invented to spew random logic and throw around big words like, "you" and "for" and "touch" I should probably re-program them. I think they are stirring the pot a little to hard. *WAVES* Hi guys!

My God, you people. I got a headache reading this thread.

Mona, I never said I was better than any of these people. I said "I think I am better" than what's his face. They are pulling something off of my profile, that was written in quotations, because it was something someone said to me that made me laugh. I'm an attention whore? It is them that attacked me, not the other way around. Don't we all want me people to be attentive and strive for attention? If not, everything would go un-noticed. Just mosey on down the line, please.

61, same thing here:) I don't like all these arguments over the Internet, it seems like people let all their savage nature out once they go online and then start bitching, arguing, insulting each other etc. That's really upsetting.

You call me an attention whore, while throwing yourself into an argument that you know you will gain attention from? Can you say, hypocrite?

I love people =D Just warms the heart to see us all getting along

I saw 25's comment about FFML_314's profile info and it made me look through her page. Well, sorry but I don't have that kind of sense of humour to understand jokes that seem more like an attempt to humiliate others. There's always people below or above my level but I never tell them like 'You're too dumb and uneducated for me', yet that's what was implied in FFML_314's info. I really hope it was a joke and she's a normal person with adequate self-esteem, neither too low nor too high.

You're all above me! Happy? Now scatter!

65, why so fixated on the 'attention whore' phrase? Did it ring a bell? otherwise I don't see any reasons why you would get so mad about that couple of words. I left my comments here not to gain any kind of attention, I have it all in the real life but I just can't stand it when people humiliate each other. If you don't enjoy this either, then high five.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with holding yourself to a higher standard. When people blatantly show their stupidity and their ridiculous antics, you're damn right I'm going to point out that I'm better than them. Sorry, I live in reality. I'm a pretty great person. I'm also highly sarcastic and if you can't handle that, get over it. Nobody is asking you to talk to me or even respond back if I say something to you. There are people that are better than me, but I'll be damned if I let someone think for one second that they are somehow above me, when it's so obviously clear they are not. If you could maybe stop and look around, you would see, that I did nothing wrong in this argument. Hell, I've provoked my fair share of arguments on this site and I pick on a lot of stupid people, but I'm not a moron. If you don't know me personally, you have every right to place your assumptions, but there's 2 people in this argument that will tell you otherwise. Sorry, for calling you guys robots. Mona, you really have a big ole hypocrite sticker on your forehead. You keep adding to it, every time you comment.

Ohhhh... now everything you say (FFML) makes a whole lot more sense. (made sense before just not as much)

FFML_314, you didn't start all this endless argument, yes. But that's not the point. The point is you're obsessed with 'above/below my level' idea. Just live sticking to your own company of friends who are 'your level', why do you feel the cruel and useless need to show off and humiliate every single person that is lacking something you have? Just pass by and live in your circle of chosen ones, don't humiliate others and don't treat other people like shit. If I were religious, I would say we all are creatures of God. And all people have the same rights, all people are EQUAL. Don't think you can change that.

38: "... you think you are better than everyone else (yes, you said that on your profile)..." Keywords: EVERYONE else. Read FFML's profile again. Your poor reading comprehension rather invalidates your arguments— or it would have, had the arguments actually been valid to begin with.

74, I'm her friend and you're all above me. I'm an idiot. :) She doesn't surround herself with people of her intelligence because obviously I'm not it. Do you feel happy now?

77, you're underestimating yourself.

WOAH WOAH WOAH. Hold it there 74. Everyone is not equal, try as we might to make it so. People will NEVER be equal. Some people are stupid, some people are smart. *lists off many other opposites* Whether or not that is reason to make fun of some one, I don't know. But it sure does put on a show =P

80, well, I think I'm more on the 'democracy' side then :) Because even though people differ by their IQ, education level, physical features, bank account etc, they all have equal rights. No one must be humiliated or insulted, if they don't say it in the Constitution (? I don't know, that's how our laws are called in general), it's a matter of morals.

79, no. I'm not. I know I'm intelligent.

You guys are funny:)

81, so what you're trying to say is everyone should have the same rights? I think no. The child molester in jail should have the same rights as me because he's human? Sorry, but it doesn't work out that way. 82, I'M ABOVE YOU! (You know I'm kidding, right?!) :P

Screw this! MY SON IS BETTER THAN YOU ALL. How do you like that? I win. Well, he does.

85, don't take into account psychopaths, murderers, rapers etc. They treat people, let's say, not in a VERY GOOD way, and we know what goes around, comes around. People who hurt others, don't deserve good treatment in response. But initially, no one should do so, no one should humiliate other people or behave like a total notch towards them unless they did it to you first. What you give is what you take.

Damn!!! There's a loongg ass line for this pile-on. This is almost as good as coffee in the morning. (A special part of waking up is FML in your cup)

*bitch. iPhone correction, you know *shrugs shoulders*

I love how this 'argument' is about 90% of this FML's comments =P And try as I might 81, I cannot understand you 3rd sentence at all. It sounds like you said it's ok to make fun of some one al long as it doesn't explicitly say it in the Constitution =S That right?

87, sadly. It doesn't work out that way. Everyday people are judged because of a title. I'm autistic and many people think because I am, I'm going to be slower than others. Maybe in a perfect reality everyone would have equal rights no matter what. This isn't a perfect world. Face reality.

Be the change that you seek in the world. Just because reality sucks, doesn't mean you have to (not saying that you do).

90, no, you got me wrong :) I said that if not according to the Constitution, then according to morals, people must not treat others badly. RedPillSucks, excellent words! and yes, reality isn't perfect but it's imperfect just because no one tells people when they act badly so they think it's okay and spread the cruelty all over the world. Okay, I think we moved to a more philosophical kind of discussion lol :))

93, I said we already moved to another topic, unnoticeably... )

All of this, because that idiot asked me a ridiculously stupid question. RPS, this is WAY better than coffee! I'm glad you could join us. ;] Precious, your son does win!

Ahhh, I can see clearly now that the rain is gone. Well good work team. Humiliated the douchebags, discussed FFML's and Mona's psyche, and debated about the rights of humans. See you next session.

94: Your explanation for why cruelty is so prevalent is a bit naïve. Go observe a bunch of kids on a playground. I can guarantee you that most of those children have been told that it's "bad" or cruel to namecall, not share, hit others, etc. In fact, most of them have probably been on the receiving end of such misbehaviour, so they know it's wrong experientially as well as academically. Yet they still do it, especially when their peers are doing it too, and they think they can get away with it without punishment.

I would just like to thank muh homies. Shoutout to, Janey, Penny, Bloody and that chaotic guy! Ya'll know how to represent! Seriously though, I'm not some evil, cold-hearted person. This is a website. A place for people to come on and express themselves. I joke around A LOT. I have one of the most sarcastic attitudes you will find on this website. But I'm 100% authentic. I'm me through and through. If you don't like it, fine. No one is asking you too. The people I converse with are amazing people and truly I look up to a few of you (Darren and Jane mostly) and there's something to be said when good, genuine people have my back. I may not be the nicest person and I may piss a lot of you off, but stop taking it so seriously. If you maybe just laughed it off and didn't get your panties all twisted up, the conversation would end. You continue to embark on a journey down a path you all claim to "hate." Truth is, we all love a good solid argument, first thing in the morning and truth be told, I found this very entertaining. I'm going to go enjoy my bath and read a book! I hope you all have enjoyed today's episode of FFML_314-Colossal Bitch. Tune it later today for more.

Jane, you're right, some people are just born that way. Unfortunately. :( And yes, I might be a little naive or too optimistic sometimes. Maybe, if I were harsher, I wouldn't give a damn about cruelty, insults etc. But eh!.. FFML, I really like your last comment. As about not being the nicest person ever - no one is perfect so that's okay. I just hope that we managed to close this argument without misunderstanding and I have nothing against you, hope neither do you :) You are smart so was a pleasure to talk to you. :)

mona: I would say most people are born that way, and that it's OK. True, only sociopaths don't have any moral compass. Despite our consciences, though, it's in human nature to push the bounds and be "mean" occasionally, especially when we're young and still developing our own ideas about what's acceptable and what isn't. A lot of people decide that cruelty doesn't pay, but a lot decide the opposite, too. The problems arise because our moral compasses vary. I myself believe there's a "true north", or absolute standard, but not everyone does. IMO, "mean" people are just a fact of life and should be expected, if not accepted. For the record, though, I wouldn't classify Anna/FFML as one of them.

Jane, I think you're one of the best people I've come in contact with in this virtual world. You and Pendatik have my absolute respect. You are the people I gather my insight from and I appreciate you for always being you!!!

106, way to be polite, I said I had hoped we closed the argument without holding a grudge against each other but you ignored my comment. :/

Jane, as I consider you one of the most adequate and smartest people on this site, I believe you.

What comment? The last comment you posted was a winky face.

103rd one, look it up, you probably skipped it :)

No, it just doesn't show up for me. Please, don't call me impolite after everything you've said. I'm not sure what your comment said up there, but this argument is pointless and it's obvious that I'm not some evil person. G'day.

oh god, that bitch that everyone hates is incredibly annoying. btw your an ugly slag.

oh and 98 you're just a freak trying to get cyber sex. wanker

Aw, thanks ladies. I appreciate that. :]

#106 sounds like you're bootlicking/sucking up to them.. :/

is it just me or does 38 like drawing and conclusions?

You say that like you expected said drunk guy to think rationally. Harsh for you but, with that kind of thought process, how much did the apology actually mean?

For some reason, when I first saw your photo, I thought of Napoleon Dynomite..

Booya, a lady of culture then I see :)

He was drunk. You can't expect much.

You're both kinda right. People are more honest drunk. They are also more likely to say stupid shit that wasn't well thought out.

They're also more likely to retch all over the place. The real FML will be after tonight if the OP and their father don't fix their relationship.

FHL for not being able to forgive and forget. what an ass.

Sounds like it's going to take more than one phone call to make things better. Good luck! He is your dad but that doesn't mean you need to take his abuse!

well i think the lesson here is dont be rude to your dad at parties?

Maybe that's the reason dad walked out.

If that's true, then the dad's a, excuse my language, fucking pussy.

Pull the cord of your phone.

4(am)-3(years)=1 crazy drunk guy.

haha cool math :p

Why were you rude to him D: