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By still can’t sleep - 21/12/2021 05:01 - United States

Today, despite changing my eating habits, exercising regularly, and taking melatonin, I still can’t sleep. When I told my doctor, she prescribed antidepressants. This is the third time she’s tried to give them to me. That’s her solution for everything, and my insurance won’t give me another doctor. FML
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Have you ever considered maybe she's right?

Trazadone has worked wonders for me, maybe they'd consider that?


Trazadone has worked wonders for me, maybe they'd consider that?

Trazadone used to work so well for me I had to be physically in the bedroom before I took it. Within 5 minutes I'd be woozy.

Have you ever considered maybe she's right?

Important comment right here if OP reads the comments

what keeps you from sleeping? just not tired? can't turn your mind off? physical pain? etc... what keeps you up should help point to how to help you sleep

In all seriousness, depression and misery can impact sleep performance. Maybe try giving it a shot.

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Definitely true. I know if I'm feeling depressed, i usually can't sleep.

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Sometimes psych meds are prescribed to help with sleep. Trazadone, seroquel, thorazine, benedryl, etc are usually meds that are prescribed to help people sleep. They are also usually the meds used to knock people out in psych hospitals.

Some anti-depressions are giving to people for insomnia as well. It alters the serotonin to make your brain think you’re sleepy. Just a mind game.

Im chocked about 2 Things right now: 1) the comments 😰 : unless you are depressed yourself and don't realze the gravity, how on earth can you validate thoses drugs for someone else!? 2) in which country do you live for the insurance to choose your doctor?! here in France I can see 5 New doctors à day if i want too... Just take à few puffs from à blunt 😝

Actually there are a few antidepressants or other mental illness drugs that work as sleeping pills when used kind of "micro doses" compared to real dosage for what they were originally meant for. I have tried mirtazapin, gave me horrible brain fog and that never went away. Next thing was to try Ketipinor which is quetiapine. Anti psychosis dosage is something between 200 - 1000 mg, I am taking 37,5 mg for sleeping issues and it works like a charm. Brain fog with quetiapine after waking up lasted 1,5 weeks and was very very mild compared to mirtazaping. The actual reason not to give "real" sleeping drugs is that they biuld up resistance and tolerance really fast and can be used only for 1-2 weeks.. and its not actually sleep, its passing out.. it does not give you real rest, just lights out. I havent been able to sleep for 10 years without pills due to 2 burnouts, so just take the pills and try it out. You cant lose more than you are losing right now!