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By  Cali  |  54

I'm pretty forgetful sometimes, but that's reeeally pushing it. He needs to buy himself a calendar.

By  mssileas  |  25

So, he was so focused on event B, that he forgot event A. But the planning for event B was so stressful, he forgot what the event was in the first place? Do you believe that OP? I mean unless he suffers from dementia, that sounds like the biggest bs excuse to just not do anything at all.

Which I don't get, because if those two dates are so close together, the easiest thing would be to wrap them up and organize a special couple's day or a weekend trip somewhere nice.

But that's like saying you forgot Christmas because you were planning so much for NYE, but because that was so stressful you forgot it was for NYE! That's so bloody ridiculous imo.

  Mal2003  |  17

I assume it was like walking into a room and forgetting why you were in there. I'm no psychologist but I think OP's husband was like: "I have to focus on thing A to prepare for thing B(and since brains are lazy) I'll focus on thing A only." Since he focused on thing A, he forgot about thing B and thing C. Or maybe you're right.

By  HLRJ  |  3

Hi, OP here. 2 things to add about the FML day. First, he came to see me on his lunch break to basically get into a fight about how he felt it wasn't that big a deal since the day wasn't over yet, and that until the day was over without him mentioning it, it was unfair of me to be upset. Which leads me to the second thing, which is that I share a birthday with his father, whom he works with. So that is another reason he should not forget my birthday and is also why him saying something later in the afternoon still misses the point. Because then it is not that he remembered MY birthday, but that he was reminded by his fathers. It is not the first time he has forgotten it, I was in a room all morning with him a few years ago and witnessed him give his father birthday wishes immediately when he entered, then turn to me with an "OH shit" expression as he realized he forgot mine lol.

He really is a good husband, I was just upset when it all happened but it really does not reflect our entire relationship. He just stresses out about this stuff because I am much better at it than he is so he feels the bar is raised and can't ever seem to think of anything he thinks will rise to that level (though I don't generally hold him to that level lol). And to those who said that being close together means he should be able to join them, he was explicitly told unless it is a BIG gift that he is not allowed to join them. Proximity does not make them the same occasion and this was all agreed upon before we set that date, after HE requested to move the wedding up a year. :P