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Hey FML, OP here! I created an account so I could answer some of your questions. First off, I live in Oregon. Secondly, I thought it was hilarious, although a tad creepy at times, but I just let her do her thing and didn't try to stop her. Most people thought it was great and took it really well. She had a blast doing it, and was simply pulling a prank, which is what Halloween is all about! :)
By bobosgonnagetyou / Friday 1 November 2013 06:04 / United States - Lake Oswego
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Honestly even if I would have wanted to do that if I was in ops position, which I wouldn't, my grandma would've beat the shit out of me for trying to force her. Ops grandma is an adult. Not a child or animal. If op didn't like what she was doing, op should've stayed inside.

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