By bobosgonnagetyou - 01/11/2013 06:04 - United States - Lake Oswego

Today, my grandma has been running around the neighborhood, dressed as Bobo the Evil Clown, chasing trick-or-treaters. All I've been able to do is chase after her, and apologize to the terrified children's families. FML
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Hey FML, OP here! I created an account so I could answer some of your questions. First off, I live in Oregon. Secondly, I thought it was hilarious, although a tad creepy at times, but I just let her do her thing and didn't try to stop her. Most people thought it was great and took it really well. She had a blast doing it, and was simply pulling a prank, which is what Halloween is all about! :)

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Just because she's old doesn't mean she can't have some fun!


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Hell yeah and I'm jealous. I want a grandma like that. Still knows how to have a good time.

Just because she's old doesn't mean she can't have some fun!

Shame on you OP for not joining in the fun!!

yeah let her have some fun! it could be worse... she could have been naked instead..

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#22, who says she wasn't? The image of a saggy old woman's body with an evil clown head scares the shit out of me! How about you?

ahh touché perdix. I must say I'm quite honored you have noticed my existence.

Well, that is one way to say Happy Halloween :)

It's halloween, we used to scare every trick or greater when I was a kid.

Your grandma has the right idea. What can be more terrifying than a retired "Bobo the Clown"...

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Granny walking around outside naked on Halloween night would be pretty scary too.

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Well OP's user makes it pretty clear to stay away from such a frightening character

The visual i just got is hilarious. I love when old people troll lol

How about grab her and take her home rather than let her terrorize kids?

Honestly even if I would have wanted to do that if I was in ops position, which I wouldn't, my grandma would've beat the shit out of me for trying to force her. Ops grandma is an adult. Not a child or animal. If op didn't like what she was doing, op should've stayed inside.

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At least she's getting into the true spirit of Halloween

seconded. I'm not sure how this could suck unless she's a pedo or something. I wish my grammy had been that cool.