By Pokemon problems - 23/10/2012 22:00 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I babysat a 10-year-old and we played Pokémon. It was my first time playing, so he showed me. I ended up winning and the kid started crying and told his parents he hated me. They decided not to pay me for the night, and now I'm out of a job. FML
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Did you explain to the parents what happened? If you did and they still refused to pay you they are total douchebags. Ask your parents to get involved and get you your money.

Maybe it's an opportunity for u to drop ur babysitting career and become a Pokemon trainer


Did you explain to the parents what happened? If you did and they still refused to pay you they are total douchebags. Ask your parents to get involved and get you your money.

whiteboy896 9

OP should have demanded the money and quit that job babysitting a little cry baby.

Small claims court. Depending on where you live, it's roughly $75 to have a hearing. if you win your case, they will have to pay you and the court fee.

Wow. if i did what I was supposed to do and didn't get paid then I would make sure I got my money. I am not a happy camper if I get cheated out of money.

No need to go to court over this.. Simply get Officer Jenny to ride on over and help. =)

nevermind ignore this comment.

Was about to say the same thing. Seriously, a lot of these fmls seem more like a lack of backbone.

I agree, you earned that money. They cannot say you will not get it because their 10 years old rude son told them he hated you, that's ridiculous. If they are unhappy about your work the only thing they can do is to not call you the next time they need someone and be more careful about who they choose. Wether they are overprotecting parents or never wanted to pay you (that just being an excuse)

YDI for having never played Pokémon before.

The kid's 10. When I was 10, Pokemon was the bomb. OP was only playing along with the kid.

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If he played it before he would probably win even more. -.-

thenamestaco171 2

I grew up without pokémon...still havent played it. I only discovered the beauty of video/computer games last year. Not everyone is like you #2...

Dude, I love Pokémon, but even I don't think that's a valid reason to say that OP deserves it. What if OP's parents didn't allow them to play?

show up with a Yugioh pack to tomorrow and loose.

You mean lose or loose... like loose the kraken on that kid!

Edo369 8

I think she meant lose. But as long as you understood what she was trying to say it's all good :)

How the hell does she show up the next day with aYu-Gi-Oh pack when shes out of a job?

There's a special place in hell for douchebags like those.

And if they wind up in the reincarnation bin, let's hope they join those Swimmers on Route 113 without a Pokemon to surf on.

Whats up with all these stupid parents these days?

Ha! You've noticed it too. She should have got paid but when I used to nanny, I'd let the kids win most of the time. Of course they would be younger than 7 and it made them feel good about themselves. However, if the kid showed they were a serious player, I'd take it seriously too. Still, the parents owe her for time.


mashimarox 12

They're kids, what do you expect these days?

Yes but the parents are adults and shouldn't go back on their word to pay OP.

Maybe it's an opportunity for u to drop ur babysitting career and become a Pokemon trainer

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Why wouldn't you want your child to lose? It's a part of life. If it was all the time or the babysitter was showboating, then I can understand it. But to fire someone because their child lost a stupid game? That's a dick move.

At everything? Really? I could understand letting the kid win the majority of times, but ALL of them? Personally, as a kid, if someone let me win ALL the time I refused to play with them. Winning is no fun if you don't actually earn it. I would have rather lost than won because an adult went easy on me and effectively 'cheated'. In any case, if you let a kid win all the time they'll never learn how to lose gracefully and persevere. And no-one likes a bad loser. Also, this does not excuse the parents behaviour as if they wanted OP to always let the kid win they should've said beforehand.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I hate that way of thinking. That's teaching them that being mediocre and lazy will get them whatever they want. And when, or if, they grow into adulthood and enter the 'real world' they'll get a bitch-slap from life. We should teach our children to strive to win, make good grades, and be successful in life. If we simply handed our children anything and everything that they want they will start believing that the world owes them everything and 'grow up' to be whiny little bitches who still leech off of their parents at 40. They need to learn about being proud of a job well done by actually putting in an effort, as well as how to be a good sport when they lose.

WTF. You do realize it's a babysitters job to look after a child and ensure they stay safe while the parents are away, right? They aren't there to be a doormat for your child to walk all over and get whatever the child wants. God, what is wrong with some parents!

9, are you kidding me?? This kid is 10 years old. He should be far past the point of crying when he loses a game to begin with; especially when he taught OP how to play it! And kids don't learn the value of winning until the lose. Then it feels so much better when they try hard and win on their own. But good luck with your kids, I'm sure they'll do awesome when they enter the real world.

My dad never went easy on me and sometimes he'd absolutely destroy me in games. He taught me to be a good sport, a gracious winner, and a humble player. Because he never went easy I grew up seeing the challenge in everything. I now work in the queer community and the school system trying to stop bullying. This has been my full time job since I was eighteen. I do not give up, ever. And if I lose, well, Dad taught me to pick myself up and try again.

When I was about the age of the kid in this post a friend of the family babysat a lot and he taught me to play chess. Not once did he let me win, ever. It was years before I won a game against this man, but I'll never forget the feeling of triumph I got when I did. By letting your children win at everything, you're robbing them of this precious moment.

@9: Please don't breed! Your children will become egotistical little pricks with false senses of entitlement!

What do you mean you ended up winning? Either your battled him with 2 DS and won or you finished the game during the babysitting time which is pretty...fascinating.

I think we can assume it was the first one...or he had one of the N64/gamecube/Wii games where you can play against each other with one game and two controllers.

....or pokemon card....

brianfantana32 10

Why assume that?

bleedingglitter 24

Yeah they have a card game too that is really old...