By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Ilminster
Today, I babysat a 6-year-old boy for the first time. When I said it was his bedtime, he just screamed "Eat a dick!" at me. I was so shocked, all I could do was leave him be. When his parents returned, I had to make up an excuse for why he was still awake and watching TV, to save my pride. FML
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  sweetest_jenn  |  18

More like a loud brat. But he must've heard someone else said it enough times to go around repeating it. I wouldn't blame him at all, but mom and dad certainly should hear about his little catch phrase.


Sassy is putting it mildly! Next time (if there is one), don't let him think it's okay to talk to you like that. It's totally understandable that you were shocked, but if it happens again and he isn't spoken to, you're inadvertently reinforcing that kind of behavior. He needs to know it's unacceptable to speak to an adult so disrespectfully. You're in charge! Make sure they know it. When in doubt, tell them Santa's watching. Shuts kids up like no other.


Yeah well, how'd that go? "Hey, your kid told me to eat a dick and I let him stay up because I couldn't put up with a six-year old. But I expect you to do sth about it now that it is way to late and the kid already felt like he could do to me whatever he wants. So... when should I come by next time?"

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

This is a major YDI to me. OP should've told him it was rude to speak like that and that his parents would be hearing about it. Then OP should've put the kid to bed and mentioned it to the parents later. If he absolutely refused to go to bed and continued to get out of bed and yell crude things at you, then you call the parents and have them speak with him or threaten to come home and discipline him. If you let a 6 yr old walk all over you than maybe you shouldn't be babysitting. Hope you feel more confident next time OP. You're the one in control. :)

  LisaDay  |  14

it doesnt matter what the kid says. no kid is going to willingly go to bed. the kid should have been sent to bed no matter what he says. OP was wrong to allow the kid to stay up and wrong again to not tell the parents what was said.

  slyde32  |  12

I wouldn't do that either, he's not your kid, do not use physical punishment, regardless of the reason. Call the kid's parents, or threaten to call the kid's parents, tell him that that kind of language isn't nice, never lay your hands on someone else's child

  ironik69  |  31

Because you "like totally know" what the commenter was meaning. I don't have to try to be smart dear, try checking a dictionary before you check me.

  capthigh  |  16

I agree the only reason he acts like that is because he knows he can get away with she just needed to put him in his place I'm sure the parents would understand

  ToraTora  |  9

Oh hun. Kids don't even respect their parents (since the parents give them whatever they want to shut them up) so why would they respect a stranger ordering them around?

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

Because babysitting is not ordering a kid around, its being a second parent. You don't stand there and bark orders at them, you play and spend time with them, and get them to do what needs to be done. If you just sit there and tell kids what to do and expect them to listen, well you're not a very good baby sitter.

  amayasoma  |  19

You guys must be terrible at baby sitting. If you know how to manipulate kids, you can easily earn their respect. Kids like to challenge others because they believe they can get away with it. Out wit a kid and show them they can't and they'll respect you.

My mom deals with troubled kids all the time. They respect her more than their own parents and she's never laid a hand on them.