By sadinthesack - 31/08/2009 18:56 - United States

Today, I was making love to my girlfriend and was pretty impressed with myself for lasting through multiple songs. Then I realized her ipod was playing a medley. I only lasted 3 1/2 minutes. FML
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relax dont do it! when you want to come!


idratherbewrestl 0

relax dont do it! when you want to come!

ahahahahahaa. classic-nothin like a Frankie Goes To Hollywood joke. As the nerds say, win.

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he lasted longer than my boyfriend ever has. coughcoughheonlynlastes57secondslasttime.

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nice name op... think about dead puppies but not to much or you will go limp

72 - Hell, I would go for 57 seconds. It's better than lasting almost an hour every damn time

Dont worry at all foreplay is recommended ;) and besides after ur done u still can use ur mouth or fingers for her pleasure just enjoy the sex and dont worry about how long u last

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When people say it's normal I don't understand it. (not bragging or being a bitchy sue) but my fiancé(whom I lost my virginity to n is the only guy I've been with) lasted over an hour our first time n he was a virgin as well, n now he lasts longer now. How come it's normal for a guy to last. So short? Why is that?

My boyfriend lasts a really long time too..Sometimes I wish he wouldn't :/ But I also don't understand why everyone thinks it's normal to last 30 seconds.

How is it normal to not climax for an hour?

How? By not being selfish, caring about your partner's pleasure too and by having stamina. You know you can pause if your stamina is nonexsistant and use other techniques until you can continue?

don't worry buddy, it happens. do what I do. think about what your plans are for tomorrow.

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YDI for deserving it Feed the Trolls!!

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You're cool because you're flipping off the camera. Funny comment though! :)