By Anonymous - 28/03/2014 20:30 - United States - Randallstown

Today, I was randomly selected for a pat-down while at the airport. Being from the south, I said thanks out of pure habit. The guy replied, "No sir, thank YOU." and winked. FML
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Did he happen to have a bitchin' stache and sunglasses on?

So, when's the wedding?


Did he happen to have a bitchin' stache and sunglasses on?

TheDrifter 23

Freddy Mercury style.

Am I the only one curious as to what being from the south has to do with saying thank you? I'm from the north-west and I say thank you for everything, even stuff that I shouldn't, like this.

He was making a mockery of the whole scene

Clench those cheeks! Don't let him invade your special place haha.

killinpoptarts 9

#37. It's nothing against people from other places but the majority of people I know from anywhere but the south are complete a holes. However being a military brat I know there are a few exceptions but in the south I found that most people from there are small town people who wave at everyone, smile and wave when they drive past, and say please and thank you to almost everything. However even in the best places you still have those a holes that have no respect for anyone. Just thought I might try and clear that up. And tell your parents or whoever raised you I said thanks for doing a good job of teaching manners to you. It's a rare sight these days.

#37, I believe it's "Southern Hospitality".

Being from Canada, I must have a whole different definition of what constitutes as polite and kind... cause all those anti- homosexual laws seem fairly inhospitable to me...

@56 I'm quite ashamed of my home state (Texas) for exactly that reason. My grandparents tried to raise me to believe that homosexuality was wrong, and a sin. Thankfully, my parents didn't have the same mindset.

I'm quite unashamed of my home state(also Texas) because I didn't make the laws! How can you be ashamed of that? You should only be ashamed of your own actions, really.

Thejackel79 9

Because the state represents him and every other person in the state. Laws likr that make everyone look bad.

Southern culture tends to be very formal, much more formal than other parts of the country. Big companies love to put their call centers in the south for this reason. I am from the south and also have a hard time not thanking people, and I have to wave back when someone waves at me, even if I have no idea who they are.

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Still a better love story than Twilight

Anything is a better love story than twilight

So, when's the wedding?

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Thank you sir, may I have another?

Is that his taser, or is he just happy to pat you?

Hey, at least he was being polite..?

I think that's more on the edge of creepy.

No.. I'd rather the guy who just felt me up be rude as hell than wink at me

I'd rather he winked at me, more of a compliment plus I hate assholes

Gross, I hope you had a good flight anyways OP!

Nobody can have a good flight after that.

I could *wink, wink*

Electric six just popped into my head. -_-'

"I wanna take you to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar...."

Danger! Danger! High Voltage! When we touch, when we kiss!

It doesn't sound like you were 'randomly selected'

Yea... Like he totally 'checked her' out...

checked him* out

get it right op is a guy.

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This totally happened to me with a butch security guard! My girlfriend was pissed lol

More like "romantically selected" :D

He must of thought your package was suspicious.

He seemed pretty willing to handle your package. ;)