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Today, I had to calm my rather gullible boyfriend down and reassure him that the email he got, telling him that he has AIDS, was just a scam. FML
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If he believes that then he'll really be in trouble when he receives his Nigerian Prince e-mail.

No, a doctor secretly took a blood sample from him then emailed him the results. Happens all the time


If he believes that then he'll really be in trouble when he receives his Nigerian Prince e-mail.

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Man have I got a deal for you, for a measly 4k dollars we can make you a proud owner of of the Eiffel Tower, France currently has financial trouble.

In 1788 France became bankrupt due to its deficit being way higher than its income. This was mainly due to France fighting in the American war of Independence. Im guessing that most people on FML are American. If you are the greatest nation in the world, at least know your own history.

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uhhhhh....that's another countries history...not ours

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60, I know about the French Revolution and why it started, but I don't remember exact dates. You sound like a damn elitist when you say "you're the greatest country in the world, know your own history", which is funny because that's not even our country's history, besides the fact that the French helped the Americans during their Revolution.

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Pretty sure the wars France had with Britain between 1600-1815 may have contributed to their massive deficit.

No, a doctor secretly took a blood sample from him then emailed him the results. Happens all the time

Exactly! If he's freaking out, it might be cause he probably knows its true.

Or he could be technologically inept meaning he would freak out at such a situation. Poor guy has a lot of life lessons to learn if that is the case though.

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Kinda makes me wonder what he's been up to if he believes he has aids.

Might be someone who heard that you can get viruses by email and came to the conclusion that that you can get AIDS (HIV to be more accurate) this way too.

sounds like you picked a perfect boyfriend. good job

My sure his Nigerian uncle, who happens to be a prince, can pay his medical expenses for his aids.

If he believes a random email, perhaps he shouldn't be having sex yet?

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He definitely shouldn't be having phone sex either; he might get hearing AIDS

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That joke was so terrible and yet I laughed way harder than I should have!

If you laughed then it wasn't so terrible now was it 33.

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unless buttsex with a monkey was involved... I'm sure he will be ok :p

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Not sure if joking or just ignorant...

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I really hope no one took this statement seriously... If so .. I'm losing what little faith in humanity I have left

Martinez0285 28

And really? You are not sure if that was a joke or a seemingly truthful statement ? Hmm... Your generation worries the living hell out of me lol

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You represent the worst of this generation....

ok I'm missing something here. Why is this comment downvoted so much?

Because that's the stupidest reason anyone has ever come up with for the appearance of AIDS and people always say it.

What? And that Nigerian prince won't give me his vast fortune?

Please don't reproduce with him, the gene pool is already bad enough.

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Well for sure don't need anymore assholes in the world either. Maybe heed your own words?

The world could use more assholes and less morons.

PresidentNorth 16

Well don't assholes deserve asswhippings to come there way? Or did I not read your comment right on the FML about the rude parents. How much of a contradiction could you impose man.?

Lol two completely different contexts. Making rude comments about the deceased at a funeral or calling a moron a moron. Shades of grey, it isn't just a shitty book.

I'm just wondering... how old is he? or what's his problem?

I'm going to go on a limb here and say his problem is he thinks he has AIDS...

wow.. I was actually asking if he had a really protected life.. or did something that made him think it was possible for him to have aids (don't answer with having sex)