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Today, I really had to pee so I took the only stall that was available in the bathroom: the handicapped stall. A girl in a wheelchair came in seconds later and cursed at me for taking her designated spot. FML
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I can understand her being upset if you're not handicapped. but he should just chill out if it was the only stall open what were you supposed to do?

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The handicapped chick needs to calm the hell down. It's not like she personally owns the stall. She's not royalty and being handicapped doesn't mean she is above waiting her turn like anyone else. What a bitch. You should have cussed her out back.


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①, very funny, why don't you do stand up comedyUgh。。。。。!(◎_◎;) 

Op YDI for peeing. Such a primitive act.. I thought we were past this.

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The handicapped chick needs to calm the hell down. It's not like she personally owns the stall. She's not royalty and being handicapped doesn't mean she is above waiting her turn like anyone else. What a bitch. You should have cussed her out back.

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1 the real question is: are you retarded?

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Calm your prepubescent mind 82. 30 is simply using a tactic called sarcasm, a concept you will hopefully one day understand.

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I might as well repost what I said.. 82 You're the real idiot here since you don't know the difference between you're and your. Let me explain: you're = you are ex: You're a dumbass. your = possesive ex: Your ass is dumb. I give credit to Maddox. (Sorry if the other post shows up)

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what I hate is how handicapped people automatically assume it's just for them, "normal" people cam use it too. it's just that it's an advantageous stall for the handicapped, nothing else. if all stalls are used, people can use the handicapped I'm surprised this handicapped girl didn't realize this.

The real answer is indefinitely, 'yes'. As for you OP, don't worry about it. Handicap people can be bitches to and forget that everyone has to pee and you won't wait for a handicap person to show up to use the toilet. I don't see why you guys just go in those boxed in spaces. The wild is open for everyone and you can't claim a spot to pee on. -Fluffy McTiger

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Tell her to give you a blumpkin, OP.

I feel like there's kind of a Lt. Dan stereotype showing in these comments. = Having had mobility issues myself, I can tell you that there's a lot of complex emotion involved-- grief, anger, sorrow, pride, shame, self-pity, envy, etc. Sure, some handicapped people can get stuck in those emotions and turn bitter and angry; their prejudice against "able-bodied" people is just as wrong as racism, and only hurts their bodies more. However, there are MANY extremely well-adjusted, happy disabled people who fight through those stages, and come out cracking disabled jokes and pulling wheelchair pranks. Let's not get too carried away with the bashing here, folks. Sidenote: Isn't referring to someone as a "handicap" instead of "handicapped person" kind of like saying "crip" instead of "crippled person?"

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You never look like the hero cussing out a cripple

As someone who sometimes is considered "handicapped", I think it's dumb to only have that stall for handicap0ped individuals. I mean, it's great and I appreciate there is a stall I can use, but does that mean when there are no handicapped people around the stall should just remain empty? That also seems kinda dumb. Sadly we all have to wait in line.

this sounds like that curb your enthusiasm episode!

She'd also have a hell of a time getting out

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Is this also mean it is OK to park in handicapped zones? These helping aids are for a reason.

There are fines for parking in a designated area, if you get to a bathroom stall first a cop isn't going to rush in and write a 50 dollar ticket, that's not the best comparison

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107 - I agree 100%, its not only that, she had no idea if there was anything else wrong with the op. i have had problems with my back since i was a child but can walk just fine even when it is giving me problems, but sometimes it so bad that i need that to stand up afterward. the op could have just as easily had problems standing up on her own. Maybe she even had problems holding it in. The girl seems way more inconsiderate than the op does.

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OP coulda told her to walk it off

It may be designated for handicapped, however it is NOT handicapped ONLY. So if someone handi capable wants to use it, then they can!

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So true... I mean she's handicapped not royalty...

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Ok my dad has taught me right from wrong since I was little, and this is definitely wrong. If there is a line up and there's a handicappable lady in the line, I say she should go first, but otherwise it is open for use. It can be used by anyone, it's just built to handle someone with disabilities if needed. Just like ramps in hallways; just because I'm not in a wheelchair doesn't mean I can't walk up it.

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Either way, so? Black people call themselves niggers, so I see no reason with a jokingly derisive term like "crip".


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I can understand her being upset if you're not handicapped. but he should just chill out if it was the only stall open what were you supposed to do?

OP - I remember when I was using a disabled bathroom, I was just finished and washing my hands, when a man along with a disabled person unlocked and opened the door... If they had been a few minutes earlier I can't even imagine the situation I'd have been in. I'm never using a disabled toilet again.

Gotta say FYL those handicap stalls are pretty sweet. To bad handicapped people are often a-holes about the dumbest things.

that handicapped person's prolly one of those handicaps that thinks "This guy's got functioning legs and he's using my stall... ignorant bitch"

While I agree that it's fine to use the handicapped stall when there are none other available and there are no handicapped people waiting (it's not like parking spaces: there are fifty parking spaces and just five stalls), often disabled people can have bladder problems and thus need to get a stall faster, so that's something to think about, but I still think that it's better to have it be used by able-bodied people as the last choice.

Wow. People who aren't handicapped use those all the time. Sucks for you, mate.

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This. I'm pretty sure the handicapped stalls at my school are actually used more often than the rest. They're larger and at the end, so no awkwardness about people seeing you between the cracks of the door. God only knows why schools can never manage to order properly sized doors for the stalls.

My daughter is handicapped and in a wheelchair. Handicapped stalls are designed for easier access for people with disabilities. However, they are not for disabled people's exclusive use. If that was the only available toilet and the disabled person was not yet in the restroom you had every right to use it. That girl was wrong to yell at you but the problem is that most handicapped people are used to getting special treatment so she actually does think she is the only person entitled to use that toilet and that she should never have to wait her turn like everyone else. She was spoiled by her family because they felt bad about her condition and kissed, kissed, kissed her ass so now she thinks the world owes her. A rule of thumb is that if there is a line and the handicapped stall is the only one open it's fine to use it but if a disabled person comes in that person should be allowed to use it first, since they have no other options but others do. My daughter is being brought up better than that, I can tell you.

it could be worse my school needs to invest in locks for the toilets

Apparently she owns it, it's quite like people have a tendency to sit in the same places.

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pee on the toilet seat so she'll have to clean it up when she goes.

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