By hclagopus - 14/11/2012 11:39 - Norway

Today, I brought a fluorescent tube to the store to make sure I got the correct replacement. Trying to charm the sexy cashier, I waved the tube in the air, saying "I need a new light sabre, there is no force left in this one and the Empire is attacking." Turns out she'd never heard of Star Wars. FML
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OP here. I did not try to pick her up - I am a 42 year old married father of three and even if I wanted a date I have enough knowledge of the world to know that hot twentysomething blondes prefer hot twentysomething hunks - but I did try to make her smile, and failed miserably. And my geek level is so low that I read paper papers and constantly need my twelve year old son to help with my Iphone. (Plus I`ve never seen the sequels) I realize the girl probably lacked humour more than Star Wars knowledge, but what the heck. My wife laughed her ass off when I told her, though, bless her.

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mapaquier 3

Yeah because making star wars references tend to help with the ladies...


Oh Well...i never watched any star wars myself too!

His and her lives are probably more fulfilled than anyone who would try to charm a beautiful girl with that joke.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Even if you have seen all the Star Wars that pick up line was pretty terrible.

StalkerChick 13

1- I haven't seen it either. But I've definitely heard of it. Until today, I thought everyone has.

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't watched it as well....

I haven't watched any of the movies yet either. I'm glad I'm not alone. But I would have gotten the reference... even if you haven't seen it, how on earth would you not know what a light saber is?

fgwrxfiend 11

These kids will probably watch (shudders) the Disney made Star Wars when they come out.

Dekarian 7

81 - If you think Disney making the next Star Wars movie is bad, you probably thought The Avengers sucked. That was made by Disney, too, by the way.

81 - Yes, because Lucas Films did such a bang up job with episodes 1-3. Seriously though, if Disney can do WORSE than 1-3, they need a medal of some kind because that'd be a difficult task.

Does OP's joke remind u of Star Wars. If not u, me and #1 needs to be thumbed down, we are sinners.

Not sure if that's the best way to pick up girls by making Star Wars jokes

MistaKrista 8

Personally, I think that even if the girl didn't understand the reference, the fact that OP tried so hard should have gotten a laugh out of her. Or maybe that's just me. Then again, I like funny men, and Star Wars.

1: you don't admit that on an Internet forum dude!

You definitely lucked out before dating and potentially falling in love with a girl who is obviously the devil.

tsent8 15

#1 were gonna gather all the nerds at comic con (hell we'll even take the Trekkies) and show up at your house and run you through with a lightsaber then feed your body to the wampas

81, did you think Pulp Fiction sucked too? Disney owns Miramax also. I really don't see a problem with it except the fact that people keep saying they're bound to suck just because Disney's making it..

154rct 7
TahoeFMler 22

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Yea it looks he'll be Hands Solo tonight.

I don't know how that's her bad, maybe she just pretended to have never heard of it to rebuff the nerd waving a pretend light saber in her face?

That's not her bad. it's just like assuming everyone is on Facebook and twitter. These days.

Dr0reos 8

I find your inability to charm sexy cashiers with slightly sexual star wars references disturbing. (get it?)

N3766 20

Patrick lives under the rock and he is plain awesome :)

well, don't assume everyone knows or likes the same things as you do next time

CallMeMcFeelii 13

He was being friendly, 3. God damn. You're a very unhappy person aren't you? Oh, yeah, that was totally an assumption too.

siickman 7

Star wars are forever stuck with this generation... It wasn't just one movie.. It was several, which makes it easier to have heard about.

kbtoyz69 9

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YakuzaxGeneralz 9

Any guy who takes mirror pictures with his shirt off and has a douchebag about me section is a douche.

kbtoyz69 9

bum! bum! buuum! I think someone just earned their very first "Super hater badge". Enjoy it it's all yours.

senor_awesome 14

218- Just out of curiousity, how many "swag" t-shirts do you own?

Link5794 18

OOOOHH, you need some ice for that burn?

I was going to ask if he had any YOLO ones too.. .

Everybody knows Star Wars. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know about it.

mapaquier 3

Yeah because making star wars references tend to help with the ladies...

Of course it does. That way you can make infamous sexy comebacks like "I know" when your leading lady admits her love for you. They tend to swoon over that one.

For some of us Star Wars references work really well. =)

Should have tried a Jedi mind trick instead.

Personally I love Star Wars and if a guy made a reference about it to me, it would be a very good start. Although OP's line wasn't very good...

Not a dagobah that I don't hear a Star Wars reference! But then again I go to an engineering school...

Inheritance 10

He's a padawan in training, he'll learn the way soon enough.

strangeite 4

It would probably work pretty well with me. You'd have better luck using Doctor Who, though

It would work on me. Rawr! Take me to the dark side!

I'm 26 and a mom, and by most standards, I'm pretty hot. I say most, since some people with terrible taste may not find me attractive. Not only do I love Star Wars, I build Star Wars Lego sets in my spare time and have Star Wars brunches. You could probably get my number with a good light saber line

227 - and you're so totally(!!!!) modest as well:)

246: boo :) being fully mature is boring~

Dr0reos 8

43-OHHH yea Ive heard about that. Although "Jedi mind trick" is funny way to spell roofies

That is because he wants to put his lightsaber inside her.

RedPillSucks 31

Since when is Star Wars a part of (fill in blank) culture? Don't get me wrong, I loved all the episodes (even the prequels), but I would go as far as to say they're a part of my culture.

CharresBarkrey 15

That's because you live in a wet ******, 22.

Just making a reference ^^ DISCLAIMER: Jokes not to be taken seriously and should not be subjected to opinions.

alliewillie 22

Star Wars is still going strong after more than 30 years, now will have another trilogy, sells millions in merchandise every year, has countless spinoffs, cartoons, books, figures, inside jokes, references in every form of media, etc. Nearly everyone can at least recognize it and after 3 decades it still has a huge following. This makes a big mark on pop culture which in turn is one part of the "American culture".

RedPillSucks 31

@27 My dick, in your mom's wet ******. Yes Luke. I am your father.

RedPillSucks 31

Whoops. From my profile. OK. Mea Culpa.

They aren't culture at least not as far as I'm concerned

75- Wherein your lack thereof remains evident.

75 looks hardcore until you see his face. Looks like a chick lol.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Everyone, please. I'm expecting a mass thumb down, but before that. I love star wars, seen all of em. But, are you seriously going to say it's part of the "culture"? I understand liking something and feeling the need to defend it, but... Come on... It's 2012. Star Wars died out ages ago. Even when it was "the thing" back then (if that's something you would say) you don't go around making Star Wars references to pretty woman and expect positive feedback. It'd be good if you were in a sci-fi convention, but general public? No.

-134 Star Wars died out ages ago? That explains why they're still making cartoons, and a soon to be sequel trilogy.

134-Star Wars will never die out... It is sadly going through the normal life of a series was a great trilogy for the first 3 then it became middle aged and was still doing alright with its new 3 movies and now it is about to become a hospitalized senior citizen with Disney at the wheel. But I'm off topic it is a great series and will never die out making your argument invalid.

Who in all of the galaxies has an excuse to have not heard of Star Wars?? That's almost as bad as my sister asking who The Beatles were. :(

purplexpinapple 11

How can people have not heard of Star Wars and the Beatles?! *Hyperventilating*

Inheritance 10

Ask her on a date and perhaps introduce her to Star Wars? The force is weak with this one by the way; of not knowing Star Wars

He wanted to invade, but she was not an easy Lei-a

purplexpinapple 11

BTW enough with the Star Wars jokes, whoever keeps posting them seriously fails.

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Having never heard of it, probably. It's not a deal breaker to not have seen Star Wars, though.

if she's never heard of star wars, she's too young for you. don't touch that cradle!!