By Anonymous - United States - Baltimore
Today, I got shitfaced at a club. A cute girl I'd met earlier in the evening offered to drive me home in my car and spend the night with me. She crashed my car and did a runner before the cops showed up. They wouldn't believe my story. I now have a wrecked car and a DUI. FML
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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

Louis C.K. : "guys just sort of push everything off all night when trying to get laid. Once they come it's like reality just rushes in and hits them in the face. It's like coming back down from the Hulk. Really surprised and confused as they realize everything that's happened."

By  devildog562  |  33

I have to say you deserve it. One for trusting someone you just met, at a club no less. Chances are she was drinking or on something as well. Finally, there are so many other options to get home safely. On that note , sorry you had a hard lesson. Hopefully a medical personnel can confirm the seatbelt mark on the shoulder, if you hit hard enough.