By Austin Franklin - 18/03/2012 11:41 - United States

Today, I decided to hit on a very attractive girl. I guess I was too drunk to remember it was my family reunion. FML
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Pixxio_O 11

Awkward moment when he finds out it was his grandma.

Sigh, which relative was it? Time for the Winsest jokes


Ouch =P sucks to be you

Viciousstorms 7

Not a great story to tell the kids one day.

Considering that OP thought the girl was attractive, it most probably would be the sister (similiar ages). However, I wouldn't underestimate the raw sexual magnetism that radiates from the Grandma.

13, there is also this thing called cousins. It might not be the case in all families, but in mine, I have a few cousins within a few years of me.

Tyga likes grandmas

#24 - Good point. However, the it is more likely that one would have a sister of similar age versus a cousin. And I still consider my female cousins as "sisters" if not more.

If you were so drunk that you forgot where you were, I don't know how much success you would have had hitting on any girl (unless it was snooki)

n_epic_fail 14

At least you didn't impregnate your long lost daughter -_-

ifoundalaska 11

Being siblings doesn't necessarily mean they're close in age, my moms 13 years older than her sister

^ My family's similar. My mom is in her late 40s and her youngest sister is 28. Some families have kids later in life than others.

#101 - I care.

It's way more likely it was a cousin. You'd have to be way drunk to not remember your sister, it would be easier to just forget you were at a family reunion. It's common to be the same age as cousins, I have 4 in the same grade as me & all 21 of my cousins are within 15 years of each other.

12 Fail logic is fail. In fact I've never seen quite so much fail logic in one comment.

If anybody says incest is wincest...

Wincest, incest is. I'll go back to my dank corner now.

thiscrazything 1

Sounds like a good old West Virginia get together.

24 is right, I come from a very big family, 135 first cousins, my moms family is 18 kids big, my dads 13, there could easily be aunts or cousins the OP's age

lmao well sleeping with Snookie isn't something to be proud of.

Sigh, which relative was it? Time for the Winsest jokes

Jakesterk96 8

Wince...*gets tongue cut off with a lightsaber*

Redoxx_fml 22

I call failcest

PenguinSwag47 0

Incest, the game the whole family can play!

I call "sincest"! Wait, why are we calling names for incest? We are messed up sons of bitches. Oh wait, I already knew that. *slips back into den*

Op used Charm. It failed!

63 must be Eric Foreman.

Incest is the best put your cousin to the test

The family that sleeps together, stays together.

Torva_fml 16

Screw off, please.

14, didn't you just warn us about the "wincest" jokes?

floggingmolly97 0

The funny part is the picture is accusing like the comment

Yes, but I couldn't help myself, much like the OP

That's wrong on so many levels. I honestly don't see why people find incest jokes funny. :l

Because it's fun for the whole family! :D

#136 butt-plug, a game for the whole family.

Incest is wincest!

Did ya still nail her

queen_awks 16

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that he probably didn't...

Ha! Stab in the dark! Get it ?? I thought it was funny..... Alright then.

FruityLoooons 8

47 - Yeah friend, we got it already. There was really no need for you to, well...repeat it.

^And there was no need for you to comment on it. Bring it on.

TheCaterpiller 6

And there was no near to reply to that un-needed reply

TheCaterpiller 6

? Wtf?

TheCaterpiller 6

I just made myself confused. Now I don't know who I am or what my name Is.

^ You make-ee me laugh you fuzzy worm!

aimeesea75 16

Dear number 4, Your comment was delightfully disturbing and hilariously heinous. Sincerely, Me

alstbv12 13

Awww da wittle puppy!! Husky or malamute? I'm guessing malamute.

95 you just confused the shit out of me lol!

Pixxio_O 11

Awkward moment when he finds out it was his grandma.

Its still not ok even when grandma "puts that shit on everything."

jeob1992 8

Maybe his grandma is a GILF

I bet grandma was truly flattered.

Your picture makes everything you write look sad or shy.

Your picture makes me want to respect your authoritah.

crazyfunnieman 3

Lol sucks to be you

Why does it suck to be OP? they brought it on themselves by getting so drunk at a family for the family for having to deal with a wasted mess. I don't deal well with sloppy drinkers

Hahaha keep it in the family! ;)

gators1995 30


Being piss drunk should be no excuse to hit on your own family.

deathpotato 11

Yeah, I'm never drunk when I hit on my family.

Your right it's better to keep it inside next to the anger and the pain

How awkward for OP at the next family gathering... I want to know which relation!

Wait so do you live in Alabama?

Believe it or not the biggest incest problem is in Maine. Lol

RamenForTheWin 10

Sweet home Alabama...

Ya but ours have horrible southern accents

gators1995 30

Sweet Home Alabama Where your Uncle is your Dad!!! xD