A tale as old as time

By I'm_Not_Interested - 06/07/2015 05:30 - United States - Reno

Today, I found out the only reason why a friend of mine even bothered talking to me. He thought that I'd sleep with him if he was nice enough. FML
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Ha, bet he's been whining about being in the friendzone all that time! His fault for not growing up and asking you out the proper way.

mds9986 24

Get him out of your life. Now.


mds9986 24

Get him out of your life. Now.

What's sad is every girl has experienced this, felt used and worthless afterwards, and had to deal with the angry after blow from some sexually frustrated man-child. Then that jerk has the nerve to complain about a 'friendzone' like we owe them our body because they treated us like an actual human for a few months. Guys like this give men a bad rep smh

I agree with 39. While not all mean are like this, a majority of the males I know feel quite entitled to sex. That could also be because my male friends are between 17-25, and are in process of discovering the peak of their annoying sex drives.

Yet when we're of the same age and our sex drive goes through the roof, most women still know how to treat people with dignity and respect. Many do not just use guys/girls for some fun, and get offended when they actually have emotions.

IAmzephyr 22

43, if many guys you know feel entitled to sex, then you're hanging out with the wrong people. 44, many girls are also manipulative and use men. the fact of the matter is, guys tend to like girls right away and treat them with extra attention, hoping to sway their feelings, girls tend to go after the alphas, or they stay hush hush. or at least Thats what I think, because honestly I have no idea how it works XP

'Go for the alphas or stay hush hush' lmao no that's not how it works.. At all. Girls go for guys who have respect for them, simple as

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IAmzephyr 22

Thats not true 54. far too many girls date obvious douchebags.

Popularity is based upon a mix of social and antisocial behaviors plus attractiveness. So yes, girls do like a bit of "alpha" in their man, because confidence is social and aggression is antisocial, but to put it simply, there are many other combinations of traits that can give the same effect. For example, being nice is social and being shy is antisocial.

Sadly #54 that's not true. Girls go for guys who are confident and who make them feel confident. That's not always the same as respect. Many abusive partners use their charisma to make girls feel confident enough to talk to and be with them.

Girls go with guys who show confidence that has nothing to do with woman going with guys who show them respect some go with guys who treat them like shit because they want someone they see as better then them. i have also seen so many woman use guys who are attracted to them to ether get free stuff or get free labor

So your one of those girls........

How is this a reflection upon OP?

I'm sorry, he definitely doesn't deserve your friendship, and you're better off without him.

Wow, why do people think it's that simple to have sex these days.

Ashleymadison, OKcupid, Plentyoffish, Tinder.

Unfortunately, because it's simple.

It's actually much simpler to have sex than what this guy is making it out to be. For instance, he could be honest with a girl about wanting sex instead of pretending to be her friend and hoping she ends up having sex with him despite not knowing that's his intention, and despite not knowing if this long con will work.

Some friend! Did he at least offer you dinner first? Joking of course...

Hmmm some guys are that silly to think they could get the cookie just like that. I hope you held your own and told him to be nice to someone else. You deserve a good friend without such weird intentions.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I don't think having a sex drive is weird.

Now you know that he's a douche-nozzle and not a friend.

Ha, bet he's been whining about being in the friendzone all that time! His fault for not growing up and asking you out the proper way.

How many guys does it take to change a lightbulb? Doesn't matter, they'll just sulk when it doesn't screw.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Funny, if it had been a joke about women you'd probably be seeing red.

kilarbos 14

@84 and it's not. mostly because women don't do that.

Get him a fuckboy tshirt