By MC - 15/08/2011 02:51 - Canada

Today, I was so drunk that I gave my mom's number instead of mine to the really cute guy I met at the bar. FML
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Would you like a side of epic with that fail?

That's gonna be one awkward phone call.


Would you like a side of epic with that fail?


Lolz! Ikr such a fail. x)

at least your mom won't be lonely.

Jvr91 8

That's nice to give your mom a hook up

Drunk you: hehe, I'll give him my moms number, he'll be like, she got older hehehe

Maybe you were subconsciously ****-blocking yourself. Or maybe you are one hell of a wing man for ya mum.

This is the real eHarmony.

Mandy0325 1

surprised you remembered..

Your Mom just evolved into a Cougar! Would you like to give it a nickname?

mikelust1977 7

you need to go to AA

andy_l 14

She gave it to grandma who now, has a 30-year-old boy toy.

Jaimegirl 7

I'm not so sure he would actually be really cute if you drunk enough that you didn't remember to give him your own phone number...

Can anyone say Threesome? Possible foursome if Granny wants any...

Hahaha. That would be pretty nasty :P

To you maybe (;

-70 I guess if that's ALL you'd go for in Texas. Try Vegas family reunion's.

66- Why the Fuck would you want a threesome with your mom?

Yuck.. Just the though of my mother (who has like triple Ds) and my grandmother (who is on a breathing machine) participating in intercourse with me just seems.... Gross... Thanks for the visual though. Not. (o:

what exactly does the Z in LOL stand for? Last i checked LOL was an acronym . . . and the Z isn't cute

teeny54 10

haha thats so awesome you made a pokemon reference it took me a second to realize why it sounded famliar

juicedboi 7

I am waiting for the guy to write an FML when he meets up with her. Although depending on your mum, he may start 77- I dunno you would be surprised what could excite you

Who said her mum was single?

Uhm are you sure he was really cute? Or was that just cause you were drunk...?

That's gonna be one awkward phone call.

Tell her it's her birthday gift

I can see it now OP goes to the bar and see's her mom belly dancing with the guy.

confusey 2

Well maybe he wasn't that cute anyways.. you were drunk afterall.

Vagina boob.

Tomatobee 4

Wow, that didn't take long to get moderated at all! Impressive, mods, veerrry impressive.

Tomatobee 4

Ehh. He was probably old and creepy anyway. You were just too drunk to tell.

aFatFuck 0

So he will be a perfect fit for her mom? FML turned into a FTW

Max24KB 0

damn lol I read your bio thing and you should be on a do saques(?) superbowl commercial hahaha most interesting woman ever lmfao

ghm1234 0

His comment made me look ^.^ how the hell do you play ice ice baby on wine glasses!

She must have been like "I got a phone call from a guy saying he wants to talk to that drunk bitch he met at the club, what do you know about that?"

Rico_Mal1116 0

Dayum! Next time try not to get so drunk, and at least nothing worse happen.

"what do u mean ur a 36 year old married woman?! Damn I gotta lay off the booze"

36? with a 21+ year old? WTF.

well its a mom...

-10 actually the drinking age is lower in canada. not sure about ontario but it's around 19 or something. but yea...that's still a young age to have a kid

RandomHavoc1 13

18 I think. Google, my friends. :D

Have fun explaining that to your mother.

Pretend it's a gift for your mother.

Hey at least ur moms gonna get some good dick!! Maybe u can tag team it!!

It is weird beyond belief that you actually typed those words. How could you not be disgusted by yourself?

danielreader22 4

I guess when your name is 'AcidLacedBong,' that's to be expected.

and thats just last week...


Wow people it's called a joke.... FYL for not seeing that

Well obviously nobody likes your joke.

Most_Dope 0

Bad joke is bad.

Watch he starts dating your mom.