By innocentbarista - 17/03/2013 19:00 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, while serving two middle-aged women at the coffee shop, I was screamed at and accused of being a "sexist and chauvinistic bastard." This was prompted by me charging one of them 40 cents for the addition of steamed milk, which is clearly stated on the price sheet. FML
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Those words, they do not mean what they think they mean.

mpj13 8

I am guessing they didn't leave a dairy good tip?


ninja4228 5

Lol. That sucks fyl

Those words, they do not mean what they think they mean.

Throw the steamed milk at them.

Sounds like you've really got this life thing figured out.

Ignore them OP, you were just doing your job. :)

This was probably the same lady who after she got her coffee was still pissed off, took a seat and then noticed a girl across the cafe texting someone about her. Then she proceeded to start screaming at her to stop talking about her to whoever she was texting and the poor, startled girl was just trying to check the time on her phone! Crazy bitch! Now she has two FMLs written about her!

52- Difficult, I want understanding you to try but is.

53-..... and you couldn't understand me? ........ I can see why!

63*** Yea, that comment above was meant for you!

InfamousRaider 15

It's harder to understand 63 so please take a seat and be quiet.

mpj13 8

I am guessing they didn't leave a dairy good tip?

I would reply with an udderly ridiculous pun, but I think you just milked this one dry.

therealafroninga 10


Tell them next time they can save a few cents by using the hot steamy milk from their fun bags.

DontClickOnMe 28

Haha wow. Now that image is stuck in my head, thanks. That is really gross.

Same here. And sadly, I imagine quite a lot of things that I read.

9- Sort of like that profile pic..

Don't be a dick!

You shouldn't of clicked on him 31! He warned you!

Never before have I been so disgusted by an image I came up with myself..

jxcala 10

I don't think powdered milk would be very good in this situation.

Haha. I caught on to the middle age part as well... but my comment still stands. If they want sexist and chauvinistic, you couldn't get much better than that

I'm curious as to how that makes you sexist. They were both women.

and the op is a man...

Now, if he said "show me your **** and I won't charge you"!

Yeah, I get that OP is a man. Still, charging a woman for steamed milk does not lead me to think he is sexist. If it was a man and woman together expecting to pay the same amount, unaware of the extra cost for milk, then I would understand the confusion. Or if the women had seen a man ahead of them pay less for the same order, then one might draw the same conclusion that they did. They must be hypocrites to accuse OP of being sexist just for charging them full price. It's unfortunate.

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*A good person. Did you read the FML? It is stated on the menu. Always read the fine print!

DontClickOnMe 28

It doesn't make the OP a bad person for charging them, though. He doesn't make the rules and maybe he would get in trouble for not charging them, who knows. I mean, yeah it's only 40 cents, but if during his whole shift a bunch of people ordered steamed milk, then that could add up to a lot of money.

He's running ( or working in ) a business, not a charity.

have you ever worked in retail? giving discounts like that when you aren't supposed to is a damn good way to get yourself fired.

You probably would have been a good person without a job too! Employers consider that stealing from the company when you don't charge the additional amount for extra items.

You as a good person would be fired.

maybe they wouldn't have been a problem had they changed their insurance to gieco where they could have saved hundreds a year

lovemejazzy 8


go back to school my friend I used the proper form of there/their/they're, their is the possessive form

40) you had it right the first time -_- You go back to school -_-

40- Yes, it is the possessive form. Which is exactly what you needed there. Who's the one that needs to go back to school?

Allornone 35

I think 40 was correcting the second word of his first post (changing "they" to "there"), not trying to change the "their" to "there." If that's the case, he IS correct, and you all need to chill.

Great pun on the OP's name.

What pun are you seeing?

In no cent? Since it's about 40 cents. No? Ahh **** it, bury me!:P

perdix 29

#32, highly imaginative! :D I doubt the OP did it intentionally, butt maybe he did. I thought perhaps you saw something involving the similarity of "barista" and "bastard."