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Today, I asked a girl to prom by having 5 friends hold up signs saying "P-R-O-M-?" while I snuck up behind her. She said yes... to my friend holding the "?", who she thought was the one asking her. FML
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We need a follow up to see if he went along with it.

Aww, I'm sorry OP. That's sucks. Maybe explain the situation, and hope your friend isn't a douche.


Aww, I'm sorry OP. That's sucks. Maybe explain the situation, and hope your friend isn't a douche.

I just don't understand why OP had to sneak behind her. Lol he's all like "SURPRISE"

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Should have been holding the question mark lol. I would have guessed it was him too

We need a follow up to see if he went along with it.

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Well I wonder how that played out

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This is most definitely one of those fmls that needs a follow up....ill be waiting...

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Maybe just ask her directly, not bothering with stupid stuff?

It's not my thing but if it makes people happy to make a big romantic gesture I think it's unfair to call it stupid.

Mathalamus 24

asking directly, without any stupid grand gestures, is much better. thats how i always saw it.

I mean it doesn't put as much pressure on him/her to say yes if you do it privately

It all depends on the couple and their preferences really

There was an FML not but a week or so ago about a guy who's friend asked a girl to prom for him simply through a text (granted it was a text not in person, but still) and she said no because he didn't put any effort into it. So it depends.

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#23 she didn't say do it over text , she's saying do it in private. Doing it in public is really risky because they could either feel pressured to say yes and dump you later or they could say no infront of everybody. THATS why you do that shit in private

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I mean that's just your opinion. Everyone has preferences.

Mathalamus 24

im being downvoted even for having a perfectly acceptable opinion. and i dont know why.

Probably because you called it stupid for people to make grand gestures when asking out their significant other. FMLers are just letting you know they disagree with your viewpoint.

Mathalamus 24

it *is* stupid. and i explained why. frankly, im surprised more people didn't agree with me.

That's the thing about the Internet. People are free to disagree with your opinions. Calling things stupid (especially well meaning and sweet things) because you don't agree with them is a shitty opinion and people will downvote it.

@51 That's the thing, it's /your/ opinion on it. Some people like gestures like that, some don't. Your opinion is not fact. Maybe work on your wording and people skills a little bit.

#51 You didn't explain why, except to say that asking directly was better. Which is just your opinion. Many people appreciate a little creativity. OP's only mistake was not realising that she would assume that the person holding the ? was the one asking the question. Aside from that, maybe some people agreed with you that a direct approach would have been better, but voted down your comment because you felt the need to call something stupid just because it wasn't the way you would have done it.

Did you not speak to her? How did she not know who asked her?

I'm guessing because he was behind her and was going to sneak up. That only works in movies.

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Maybe she was just excited to be asked, and said yes to the guy she thought was asking her out. It might not be because she doesn't want to be with you/specifically wants to go with him.

Very true. I went to prom with a guy who asked me, but we went as friends. As you said, she doesn't necessarily have any feelings for him, so if that's the case then it's a simple question of clearing things up. If not...well this is just an awkward situation.

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You should have at least been in front of them maybe holding flowers.

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It makes you a perfect irony punctuation , so she may choose you yet. Just remember to be punctual that day.