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By Hannah - 22/03/2012 17:21 - Ireland - Wexford

Today, I passed a field where some kids were playing football. The ball rolled over in my direction, so they asked me to kick it over. I tried and failed three times, and ended up throwing it over, where it embarrassingly landed about 2 feet away. They had to come over and get it. FML
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tylersign 11

It's ok Grammy, I'm sure someone will help you across the street.


tylersign 11

It's ok Grammy, I'm sure someone will help you across the street.

^Wow man, way to be an ass. I will now proceed to explain why your comment consisted of pure dumbassness: 1. It doesn't say the age of the OP. She might as well be a 13 year old girl. 2. People that can't kick a ball don't necessarily have to not be able to do other things. My grandma ran a marathon. 3. Feel some pity. While this may be funny to visualize, I'll bet anything you wouldn't want to be in her position. Lastly, please give your self a pat on the back for writing such a dicky comment.

tylersign 11

Feel some pity...? I am sure it was embarrassing, but this isn't Gives Me Hope.

tylersign 11

Comment moderated.. So let's change my reply. I'm sorry. You're right. Happy now, moderator gods?

choochee77 0

Wow #8 he was just being sarcastic, no need to be a douche

Batman0201 0

Hey that wasn't nice tylersign!!

#25 - Yea I thought that, until Choochee77 enlightened me. Welcome to the club of those who don't get sarcasm.

aruam365 24

Hate to burst OP's bubble but this is a story from either Redbook or Readers Digest, I can't remember which but it most definitely was in one of them only slightly altered.

n_epic_fail 14

My name days everything I need to say about this situation...

Wow dat sucks but thats lifee no..? Just the other day i was walking thru the field where a couple of guys were playing playing catch with a baseball... The ball hit my ankle and the guys waited for me to throw it bck.. First i stumbled cuz i had a heavy bag, then when i threw it bck.. It only went halfway.. The guy had to run forward and get it.... The funniest thing is i'm on the baseball team..

63-Just because you saw it in a magazine doesn't mean it can't happen to anybody else. . . It's like saying because you saw someone get shot by a cop on TV it's impossible for it to happen to anyone else, which is ludicrous.

Well, I thought that was funny! And im just wondering: is it football as in the game kinda like rugby or soccer? im american so i dont know what football OP's talking about...

ChrisTheCalm 9

33#-- Uh, can I join? Is there like a pamphlet I could read?..

Wow, we really need to rename American football. I read through this FML thinking "wtf why would you not just throw it in the first place?" before I noticed it was from Ireland.

And now you can give your self a pat on the back for wasting time replying to someones funny comment, Please tell your congrats on the marathon but Im very sorry she has a ballsack for a granddchild.

#8 Of course you like sex, you're 15 years old, your brains sit in your ballsack. Now be careful don't play with it too much, it can fall off! There was no need to put it in your list of favourite things.

why do people even put that on their profile? as if fml is some sort of singles website?

GhostDuck 30

89- I'd assume as in soccer because a) they're from Ireland, and b) they kicked it, as opposed to picking it up and throwing it.

You should have just picked the ball up and give it to them...which would of saved the embarrassment.

Yes, YDI because I totally know who you are, what you look like, your athletic ability or history. Yeah 2, YDI, dumbass. And way to thread jack.

Yeah, you got it right the first time with "should have" but you didn't follow through the second time with "would of"… Why?

Because not being athletic makes you a retard..

jake98899889 4

This reminds me when I was 10 I said " **** god damn it!" My cousin convinced me that I was going to hell because I said "**** you God." I then cried and prayed for the rest of that day.

I bet you ride the scooters in Walmart too.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

i do at 3am in the morning with friends. so much fun :)

I_Hate_Tpyos 0

As opposed to what, 3 a.m. in the afternoon?

Scooters at Walmert, and the bikes at Canadian Tire. Unless you don't live in Canada...

Almost as bad as my throw, you're not alone, Just slowly back away, trust me.

And pretend you didn't hear them as you walk away.

Imagine what would happen if you tried to do shotput...

Haha! You throw like a girl... What, wait?

I_Hug_Cats 26

I feel left out because i don't have a cat picture.

I hate that phrase... "DURR... YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL.."

bleedwell 7

Seriously, are you that much of a retard?

bleedwell. Would you care to explain how lack of sporting ability, perhaps only in this sport (you would probably know this football as soccer anyway, so it's not like she can get a scholarship out of it), pertains to someone being retarded?