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Today, while leaving a football game, I saw a half-empty bottle of Mountain Dew on the ground. It was night-time and there weren't many people around, so for a laugh, I picked it up and tossed it behind me as hard as I could. It hit someone. FML
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You'd be surprised at what entertains these cavepeople....

I'm Pennsylvanian... I don't find this entertaining... Stereotypes at their finest...

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Oh my gosh this is gonna be hilarious! Oh crap I hit someone in a highly populated area! :o

Haha Pennsylvania is a lot more populated than people give it credit for, it has more Representatives than many states can claim.

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Sooooo just say sorry, laugh, and move on. Thats what I do!

I think its more of an fml for the person who got hit, 'Today, some random guy decided that for a laugh he'd chuck a half empty mountain dew bottle behind him. It hit me. FML' LOL

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If he threw it behind himself for a laugh, didn't he expect/want it to hit someone?..

Wait, so you are leaving a football game, which tends to cause huge cluster ***** of people, then assume because it is night time, nobody is around? The stupidity of peoples amuses me.

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Pennsylvania is the shit. Texas is dumb

108- not all objects are thrown with the intent to hit people...

Am I the only person that thought this fml was going to end with op drinking piss after reading the first line?

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Ahahahhahaha. Wait... I don't get it... :/

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I def thought that was going to be the end too

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lol i saw some guy at the bears game get hit with a bottle. 0.o

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lol i saw some guy at the bears game get hit with a bottle. 0.o

detroitsucks247 3

lol i saw some guy at the bears game get hit with a bottle. 0.o

148, 49 and 150, did it REALLY need to be said 3 times?

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126- i thought the same after I read the first line too!

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I thought he was gonna drink it haha

54, if you're some random walking behind OP, how do you know he was throwing it 'for laughs'? Also, quit with the territorial remarks. No place is better than another. You're all from the same country, right.

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"half-empty"... this person is a pessimist.

175- no place is better than any other? Heres a counter example. A private neighborhood compared to a ghetto.

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OP must be a pretty exciting person...

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Or he'll be in a mountain of trouble.

Next time look both ways so you don't accidentally stick your can in someone else's face.

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IOC he does it again, it'll be code red

I didnt know you could be hit on my an empty can... Eh eh?... No.

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illmatic and his puns are back! :D

Haven't you heard heard that song by lover boy?A pig and an elephant DNA just won't splice.

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It's like saying you dropped something. And then saying it fell.

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You're a jerk for calling op a jerk for no reason.

Personally, I think anyone who picks up litter just to toss it again is a jerk. Throwing it where it could hit someone is a complete dick move.

The real FML is that OP was actually recycling like a boss, but some idiot stepped in between OP and the bin.

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Why?!?! Ju-jus*sniffle* ... just... W-w-why.... Ju-js-just... Just... Just why LOL.

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I'd reply to this but it would just be moderated.

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If I was the person that you hit I would have shoved that bottle up your arse until you told me that you loved it.

Then after he tells you he loves it stick it up so more because, well, he loves it.

Today after seeing my favorite football team get ****** in the ass, while leaving the stadium some asshe threw a half full can of mountain dew at me. FML

Boners, are you the reason for DocBastard's profile picture?! Ba ha

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Football games are normally pretty populated events.

How lame is your life that THAT is your idea of a good laugh?

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