By ouch - 29/01/2010 20:19 - United States

Today, against the will of the kids in my class, we played kick ball. The first time I rolled the ball, the tallest, biggest kid kicked it as hard as he could. I caught it though, with my nuts. FML
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this made me lol. he said it matter of fact like.

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I'm in NC too...considering the snowstorm they are predicting for us those kids should be glad their teacher let them play kickball on the last day of school they will have for at least a week! (which is how long it usually takes for everything to get back to normal around here when it snows!)

CyclonePsycho 1

*snort* People go batshit insane about snow here. All the grocery stores are completely empty, yet it only ever snows a few scant inches, if at all.

Lucky bastards, we have at least 5 big storms here each year and everything still remains open for business.

Arkansas goes crazy when an inch of snow is predicted. and usually the weather people are wrong but they nailed it this time- lots of snow and more ice than Vancouver's Olympic rinks. everything is closed here, even ihop and waffle house!

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I hate it how all the schools close just for a few inches (normally 1 or 2) of snow!! up here in Vermont we get big storms every year and it's like no big deal! everything stays open even school! School up here only ha about 2 to 5 snow days a year!

I'm surprised this many people voted YDI.

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cuz nobody likes teachers lol

Everyone who voted "YDI" is almost certainly a girl.

haha dude protect the jewels be very careful another accident like that you might be sayin goodbye to your kids