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By darthmilfious - 31/03/2010 07:56 - France

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. I was making a list of things to do tomorrow while faking an orgasm when I realize my boyfriend had finished about two minutes ago. He's pissed. FML
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well ydi for faking, if he's not doing it right, tell him, how's he ever gonna learn n fyl for getting caught


RedJester23 6

he's probobly horrible in bed. FYL

nibawan 0

why do it with him if he's that bad? kinda like a dur situation there

rctack 0

wow, not exactly hitting the spot anymore is it?

tonythatiger 0

yea cmon pay attention... keep ur head in the game ;) get it ?

omg that's so funny #17. do you have time to tell it again? hahaha Superbad reference

that's the coolest ******* story I've ever heard in my life. can I hear it again? do you have time?

tehamericanboy94 0

YDI for being out of the kitchen . . .

so he "finnished" all over you... then went to the bathroom for a sec... and then he went to the kitchen to get a glass of water... and THEN you faked one! wow... I'm sure if it was me, I'd just yell "good job babe" from the kitchen.

i hate when i hear about women faking orgys

YDI for faking it bxtch, and if he sucks in bed you still deserve it for being a bxtch and not telling him how you like it.

scoobydoes 0

so much for his self esteem boost

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#7 fake orgies? you sir FAIL! you mean fake orgasms. the game.

penflower 0

curse you #92!!! I have lost the game!

KangNaqi 0

Now I lost the game!! Nooooooo!

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LMAO, wow and lol @17 and @57! :)

amazinggbaby 2

How did you not know he was finished?

either ur a ****** dumbass or this is fake and ur a dumbass for posting it

Crazy_mydude 0

#57, What are you, 15? 16? And your teling her YDI for being out of the kitchen? FYL for having no life and being on fml all day. Now, make youelrself presentable, get a hair cut, put a paper bag over your face, and go do something useful for once, ******.

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153 you think it is more normal for a 15 year old to have sex then to be in a kitchen?

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156,I'm on my iPod so I can't see her age, is the op 15?

after he found out you were faking...this is unfortunately gonna be your list of things to do tomorrow: 1. make him a sammich 2. make him another sammich 3. blow him- while making the sammich. 4. rub his feet (and his dick) then make him a sammich

Jrook 0

you know what's worse then those ******* I soviet Russia 'jokes'? that ****** 'make me a sammach" piece of shit. knock it off it's not funny anymore

valmont_fml 0

But Optimus Prime died for your internet sins to save you from the game. On a side note, YDI for not communicating with your boyfriend. He has every right to be pissed at you.

tehamericanboy94 0

Lol 153...I don't spend all day on this damned thing, I'm on it when I'm in class cause math sucks really, and sorry about the hair, but your mother loves to run her fingers through it when I'm ******* her in the kitchen.. Now drive around!!!!

icall_BS 0

LOL He ****** knew you were gonna fake it and that you weren't paying attention. Which is why he pissed inside you.

FreeRunn3r 12

wow a mom joke??? grow up kid he's right about your hair.

if you think, speak or hear of the game, you lose the game. otherwise you are winning

what's he pissed about? he got his rocks off

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yeah, that joke is dead. not funny.

You're on FML, dumbass, what did you expect??

Great statement. Why do women fake orgasms? If you do not like it, tell him to do something different.

Hated_By_FML 0

ydi for having a boyfriend that sucks in bed

well ydi for faking, if he's not doing it right, tell him, how's he ever gonna learn n fyl for getting caught


I agree with #89. That goes for her too

I'd get pissed but I guess I knew that was gonna happen

in total agreement with #4. what's the point in being in a relationship if you can't even talk about that. you might as well be faking it with one night stands who don't a **** about you.

Peacemaker9 7

WTF is all this agreeing and disagreeing for lol I got lost reading this at about half way down the thread!!!! plz explain someone


rallets 22

i agree to disagree and at the same time disagree to agree therefore, agreeing and disagreeing so i am neutral

Hopping on the bandwagon! I agree to disagree to agree and not disagree that this is not not not stupid.

#256 Keeping this going I agree to disagree with all the above and future belows.

my future agreement has little to do with #170, most to do with #4 and mildy to do with #256. my only disagreement is with #55

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ydi for having a shitty boy toy =p

No, she deserves it for not bothering to tell him what he's doing wrong.

Wet_Queef 0

I'm pretty sure that's a cross dresser. you want to squeeze a guys ass?

"Boy toy Troy used to live in Detroit. Big dope dealing money he was getting some coins..." -Anaconda

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I like your display pic. OP, really? kind of deserve it for not paying attention

butterflywings12 0

make a list? who makes a list when there doing it?

flavormyheart 0

xD that be funny to see "1. take out dog for a walk 2. make a sandwhich 3. fake org-hey where did he go?"

theian01 3

You are retarded. Why bother having a boyfriend, let alone having sex if you don't even pay attention to him durring sex? YDI no doubt. He should break up with you in an instant.

I like sexy time!!! why waste such a beautiful thing?

theian01 3

She clearly doesn't though. That's why SDI

sparklesbaby 0

ydi for having a bf that doesn't satisfy, and for not noticing ur bf finishing