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  blackman100  |  20

But it is so much easier to damage parts if you are a male. The likelihood of tearing that hole from falling on a saddle is slim compared to bruising or popping a ball.

  buckstop1  |  37

Actually, I'm nit quite sure which is worse. For guys, there is no muscle or any sort tissue to absorb some of the impact, just a thin layer of skin.

  natsaysheyyy  |  16

OP, are you serious! SOCIALIZATION! You should have exposed everything to this horse that it could possibly come into contact with in it's life by now. If she's old enough to ride, you have had plenty of time to expose her to the world and reward her for calm behavior.

  rocketiquette  |  20

You did read the "new" part right? And anything can spook a horse that you'd think shouldn't. You can get spooked by things and noises, so why can't a horse?

  mansen  |  15

#18, have you been around a wide variety of horses??? One of my dads team roping horses that could be ridden in parades, used in rodeos, cow cutting, etc, so in general pretty placid and socialized, had a weird thing about long waving grass shadows in the distance. it was just his quirk. Also horses can get startled or spooked just like humans when something unexpected and loud comes out of nowhere and scares them. They are not complete placid, unemotional drones. Any horse no matter how well trained and socialized is going to spook if say....someone hid behind a corner and suddenly jumped out in its face waving arms and screaming. person may get some hooves in face as horse rears, but horse will spook.

  TrueTriage  |  16

Everything has to run it's course just watch out because you already the the source of your pain as it radiates through the veins of your body so remember grasp the reigns and try to Be careful

  Reaper1984  |  13

5 You've never really ridden till you till you've fallen off. However that has to be the worst case of luck to be thrown up and land on the saddle horn

  ShyAnn29  |  14

I bet that hurt like hell! I've been bucked off a horse many times, the worst was flipping over the horses head landing on my back on the ground. I hope you are ok OP!

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

When my dad was young, around 6-7, his family bought a pony for them to ride. The seller didn't tell them that she was pregnant. My dad was riding her pretty far away and when he nudged her sides to go faster. It hurt her so she just took off super fast and bucked. Somehow the saddle wasn't on properly and it loosened. He and the saddle started sliding down under the pony. All my dad could think of is his father saying, "No matter what, you hold onto that pony!" So he just held on for dear life and was dragged a good distance. When the pony finally stopped he had no other choice than to walk her all the way back home. His mom had to help him remove dozens of stones, twigs, and other debris embedded into his back with tweezers. He still has the scars and it's actually caused a lot of back acne for him. Poor guy.

  little_star78  |  13

I got my foot caught in the sit-up the last time my stallion tried to buck me off. That was a trip, there wasn't much of me dragging on the ground though and it didn't take me too long to get free. Scared the hell out of my mom tho.

  dreamtosing  |  15

I had to jump off a horse once when he refused a jump. It was that or get scraped off the saddle. I've had my fair share of falls, but for 10 years of riding, nothing bad.

  honestjane  |  22

Um, that's a pretty sensitive area for the ladies, too. Any girl riding a bicycle that's had a mishap and wracked her nether bits on the frame can vouch for that. (Also why it sucks to ride a boney horse bareback)