No pain, no gain

By Anonymous - 30/07/2013 23:19 - United States - Crystal Lake

Today, I took a run in the woods. Almost halfway through, I started to feel like I was going to faint. I was so dizzy that my sight was getting blurry. I went to sit down on what seemed like a rock. It wasn't a rock. It was a huge snapping turtle. FML
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Just run, OP. You'll be the rabbit, and the turtle can be... the turtle.

Oh snap you better run!


Just run, OP. You'll be the rabbit, and the turtle can be... the turtle.

Then wouldn't the turtle still catch up to him?

Only if OP falls asleep. Or faints.

Oh snap you better run!

friedpwnadge 25

Sounds like a pain in the ass.

flashback.miss 28

Bend and snap!

Iknoweverything 29


This makes me wanna look up clips from Legally Blonde the musical

It works everytime!!!


untouchable763 10

So what happened? Don't cliff hanger me like that!

OP and the turtle had an interesting chat. OP explained how his crazy fiancé's father shot him recently. Hence why he felt faint. He said he called off the wedding citing insane father in law as the primary reason.

I hope OP had good reflexes. If one of those latches on, it won't let go even if the head is removed.

Ouch, poor you and I guess the turtle was defending itself

thatgirlincali 13

Ouch, hopefully you're okay.

cottoncandymango 17

Well didn't ya know? The turtle was just giving you a friendly greeting.

Leave the turtles alone, you are not Mario.

I hope it wasn't a spiky koopa/spiny

As long as it didn't bite you, I don't see a problem here.