By TipsyTj - 29/03/2016 13:05 - Canada - Kentville

Today, I was on my run, running past the home of the very attractive guy in my English class. This time he was outside. As I was running I casually waved, he waved back, but because I was distracted, I didn't notice a rock on the sidewalk and ended up tripping and pantsing myself. FML
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At least now he knows what you've got under there.

UserError94 18

Right? She should have played damsel in distress at that point. I know I would need help gettin MY pants back on if that happened to me

Haha, I should have but he was to busy with his car

UserError94 18

Oh I see aha ;) so uhh..anyway on an unrelated note ;).. What kind of car was it?

Llama_Face89 33 least he's attractive cuz he has crappy taste in cars...

Did he run over to see if you were ok? Oh and how big was this rock exactly?

The chuffing dilemma now is, "Do I run over to make sure she's right, or do I avert my gaze?"

I read this as how big was his ****. I may have a severe case of dirty mind-itis

That might've worked in your favor (:

Did the pantsing include panties and all? Because if so I'd ask you to run by my house more often

Your profile picture is you and your kid. Creep.

@16 Says he's 16 years old. Maybe it's not his child. Still creepy though mate.

yeah! he should rename his profile to tooyoungtotype ;)

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Maybe you should pay attention when you run...?

Hope he came to help you out. Which turns out for a start of good conversation

Did he laugh or did he come over to see if you were ok?

No, he just stood there and went back to fixing is car

So awkward! It's okay OP at least you know what kind of person he is. Better luck next time you'll find a nicer guy. :)