By Noname - 30/12/2008 16:53 - Australia

Today, after seeing a girl for a few weeks on and off I sent her a text to see if she wanted to go out the next saturday. Predictive text changed "go" to "in". So..."Why don't we in out on saturday?" She stopped calling me. FML
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Taking pictures

By Anonymous - 05/12/2019 14:00

Today, I was teaching a high school calculus class. I wrote a complex formula on the board. As I wrote, students asked if they could take a picture of the board and circulate it. I said yes, and I was pleased as everybody seemed to be taking pictures. Soon, I realized why: my skirt was tucked into my underwear. Within a few minutes, every student in the school had an email with a picture of my ugliest pair of floral-printed panties. FML
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A little in-out eh?

ha, this happened to me on my itouch. i was talking to my friend, and meant to say "hang out" but instead it changed it to "we should go "hang ourselves" on sunday".


No time for the ol' in-out love, I've just come to read the meter!

stupid girl. i agree with #1

Ah Captain Ignorance! Welcome back to destroying relationships...

It's incidents like this that make me hate predictive text! predictive text is a bitch!

ahahaha just explain it.

You could have just actually phoned her. Texting generally just creates problems

you should have explained yourself and she would understand. whenever i'm texting my girlfriend, i always check to see if my T9 fucks up any words that i don't mean to write.

haha, this one is hilarious. seriously though, always spellcheck your texts.

silly she'd stop calling you over an OBVIOUS typo. especially a sentence that doesn't even make sense.