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Today, hours after being turned down for sex, I woke up to my boyfriend sitting at the computer, jacking off to a picture of my deceased mom. FML
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Pretty much. I was like "yeah OK, jacking off -" *record screech* O_o

While it is in bad taste to jack off to a picture of your significant others mother who happens to be dead yall are acting like he's doing it a picture of her dead corpse... twisted but not even in the same league as the normal fml shit


We're not just talking about jerking off to a picture of a dead woman. Even if we were though, shouldn't that be enough to creep him out and make him stop? Worse, this is his girlfriend's mother, and he's apparently so turned on by this he prefers it to sex with his significant other? That's fucking creepy.

HeadlessSparrow 20

That's exactly the first thing I said #1.

incoherentrmblr 21

The beginning of necrophilia...

I highly doubt she was dead in the photo. While its gross, jacking off to a photo taken when she was alive isn't the 'beginning of necrophilia'. He isn't attracted to dead bodies.

#139 I think it's more that a) it's disrespectful and b) it's his gfs mum..

#143 I'm pretty sure she was just responding to what #114 said, and she's right. Just cause the woman in the picture is dead now does not mean jacking off to a picture of her while she was alive is the beginning of necrophilia.

Guys, moral of this comment fude.. No one likes a smart ass!

#75 Easily in the same league as normal FML shit. I'd break up with a guy for jacking off to a picture of my mother, even if she wasn't deceased and even if I was the one who'd not wanted to have sex.

148, it's feud, not fude

ApparentlyNotEno 28

Indeed. It's nice to know necrophilia is alive and... um... hmmm...

krazayman 18

lol my jaw dropped all the way this was so surprising.

That is so fucking messed up

Completely agree. Although she said computer desk, I'm hoping for his sanity that he had porn up and chose to close that before zipping up. Otherwise that guy needs a seriously expensive shrink.

If that was the case, I think she'd have said that in her post

To be honest no matter how messed up it is it makes it more interesting to say "He was jacking off to my deceased mother." rather then saying "He was jacking off to porn." because I mean common how many fmls have there been where they say they caught there boyfriend jacking off to porn? A lot.

JustinJK 21

I'm confused. Not saying what he did was right, but is it wrong to masturbate to porn with porn stars who are deceased? I'm not masturbating to the thought of them being dead obviously... There's some good vintage porn out there from the 70s and 80s lol. But masturbating to your SOs parents is really strange.

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It depends, was the photo taken before or after she deceased?

That is so creepy. Time to have a serious talk with him, and/or run.

Skip the talking, start the running

Hopefully it was a misunderstanding like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Monica thought Chandler was watching shark porn

allyiscute1 22

This is wrong on so many levels wtf is wrong with your boyfriend?!

He loves older women. Nothing... wrong with that?

She's DEAD. Kind of seems like a problem

He likes them aged to perfection?

She is OP's mother

What the actual fuck

RedPillSucks 31

thankfully, no actual fucks were involved

Not that we know of, anyway..

I just... I don't even... What? O.o

That's wrong on so many levels...

I can only think of two levels...

Wizardo 33

I actually sighed, first FML to defeat a guy thus far.

I've seen some fucked up FMLs, but this...this one wins I think.

That is NOT okay, you should sot down and have a serious conversation with him

I really don't get what having a conversation will solve if the guy is a necrophile who prefers masturbating to dead women. So many comments on FML say stuff like this, as if talking magically makes it better, like waving a wand. This is unredeemable, IMO.

Jacking off to a photo of a woman, who was alive in the photo is not necrophilia. I highly doubt it's a photo of her dead body. Gross and inappropriate yes, necrophilia no.

Ok #140 enough being a smart ass. I believe you made your point in the comment #1 section.

She wasn't being a smart ass, she was just correcting #113 on a fact.

Being a smart-ass is better than being a dumbass, like yourself, #149.

I is anyone even hitting YDI? This is beyond messed up.

It's surprisingly easy to hit the wrong button