By 00bsg - 21/12/2013 15:46 - United States - Salem

Today, it's my 21st birthday. All my friends and family said they were busy so I figured I was getting a surprise party. Nope. They all were actually busy. I spent my birthday alone. FML
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Happy Birthday to you!

FML community cares....happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday... sorry OP

you need new friends

Happy 21st :)

rg350dx 29

Ain't no party like a pity party

At least he's legally aloud to drink now

rg350dx 29

I prefer to drink legally, silently

#48- Allowed*

42. Ain't no party, like an S Club Par-tay. hey, ho. heeey, hooo.

FML community cares....happy birthday!

perdix 29

We do?

ThatNutellaTho 6

Agreed.. we Do? I wasn't aware.

rg350dx 29

Really not much of a big deal. Drinking alone is how I spend most of my holidays/birthdays anyways... Weekends too... Okay, days in general... *sobs quietly in the corner*

It's just Perdix's usual sarcasm. Yet another reason we need a sarcasm font.

Well happy birthday.. I hope they thought you would expect something on your birthday and moved it to some other day! The sadder you are now.. The happier the same amount of happiness will make you!

that doesn't really work

That's what they're doing, when you least expect it boom! SURPRISE LATE BIRTHDAY PARTY! Happy Birthday btw. :)

Hopefully they do this, and happy birthday!!

daesung 8

Get drunk and party with the bugs

Happy birthday OP!

Buy a bottle of vodka and drown your sorrows since your legal now!

Happy birthday OP! I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you should treat yourself to a nice dinner or go out and do something that you enjoy.

I feel you,OP. I spent my birthday last year with my computer because my friends backed out at the last minute and I already told my family I was spending it with friends so I ended up alone. :( Happy 21st dear! aha December babies unite; its my birthday in 6 days!

Yup winter birthdays suck.. Mines tomorrow. Hopefully OP can reschedule and have a nice belated bday party with all their friends.

#10 I think we have the same birthday. December 27th?

JMichael 25

Happy early Birthday 15!