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Today, my girlfriend and I were having sex; I know that some women are great multitaskers, but I'm guessing it was a bad sign when she started to go over the shopping list. FML
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oj101 33

Perhaps you need to add more interesting things to your shopping list, if you know what I mean *mr bean face* ;)


oj101 33

#3 - Yes. Cumin, cayenne pepper and chilli powder are all very spicy.

Please explain how Cumin is spicy. Yes its a spice but alas it is not "spicy", not even the slightest.

then000bster 16

And you would know what if it tastes spicy or not how?

but maybe the shopping list was more like 'chocolate sauce, whipcream, ...' :)

maybe she was just thinking of other stuff to stop herself finishing too quickly? p.s. cumin is very spicy. it smells like curry. also it's excellent in risotto.

Its a strong flavour but not spicy. Spicy means hot like chilli. Cumin is not spicy. Caraway would be spicier than cumin in the sense it has a peppery flavour to it. Yes cumin is strong and youre right its nice in risotto lol. Dry roast the seeds whole then grind them in a mortar and pestle for a nuttier more complex flavour.

Thursday737 7

Maybe OP needs to... Cumin her mouth to Spice up the bedroom

If a ghost chili (or a few) doesn't spice up the bedroom nothing will.

#27, Spicey - "Flavored with or fragrant with spice." You said it yourself: "hot like chilli". There is a difference between hot and spicey.

Sex should feel good. Why is she not feeling good? if Op can make her feel good then nobody is.

salazara 10

Oh don't forget the milk ;)

oj101 33

Perhaps you need to add more interesting things to your shopping list, if you know what I mean *mr bean face* ;)

Maybe OP needs new moves and needs to know how to put her pleasures first.

Maybe have a talk with her about it? That way you both can figure out how to improve your sex life

Let's see, chocolate syrup, honey, whipped cream, fuzzy handcuffs. A recipe for love.

I guess that's a definite sign she's not in the mood anymore. I once went off about lemon scented Pinsol after I lost interest.

Next time, start reciting Humpty Dumpty and other nursery rhymes...

Maybe she's not "all the way gay" and wants to schtoop a bloke for a change.

Time to break out the pink fuzzy handcuffs

Did she add getting an ****** to the list?

moonfal 21

Bacon can be an aphrodisiac!

There better be some pancake mix and bacon on that list! ***Are you not one of those multitasking women, OP?

More like loose lettuce or cold cuts? Or would this be a case of over-sized vegetables? Note OP's gender, threw me off for a while too.