By CassieMarieee - 10/12/2011 06:28 - United States

Today, I had to jump into my car while it was still moving. Apparently, just because you put it in park and turn it off, doesn't mean it won't take off towards a ditch without warning. FML
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walkern1891 0

Poor car committed suicide to get away from you.


Herbie obviously didn't want to be alive. He/she attempted the classic ditch suicide.

Good thing OP was there to steer ol' Herbie away from such a bad decision.

That's what your E brake is for. You can ruin your transmission by not using it and parking on slopes.

Alright I'm a little confused here since in my country almost every car is stick shift, but do automatic transmission cars have handbrakes?

Then why on earth won't OP use the handbrake even when not in a slope, if your car has a handbrake use it then... YDI

Um, when you put an automatic car in park, it's not supposed to roll or move at all. Now if it was a manual, (even though that's impossible cause he said "park" and manuals don't have a park option), he should have used the e brake. But an automatic car is suppose to lock where it is, no matter what kind of slope your on.

The park gear is just a gear that doesn't move on the transmission so they wear away after time.

tweetbaby14 18

its very unlikely to break a park pin that way the most common way to break it is to put it in park without coming to a complete stop first

AdrianEC 15

I'd commit suicide too if Lindsay Lohan had owned me at one point.

64 In stick shift the equivalent of park is puting it in 1st, I don't know about other countries but here we are required by law to put the handbrake and put it in 1st at all times when parked, in case the handbrake cable breaks, the 1st gear will keep the car from rolling down

Or it was a Toyota moving you forward even you you hit the brakes

walkern1891 0

Poor car committed suicide to get away from you.

rexgar2000 10

he might wanna get that car checked. reminds me of my friend, his yaris rolled to the highway while he was at walmart.

rallets 22

thats messed up, cant believe that would happen he seriously drives a yaris?

McAninch35 9

Yeah I'm pretty sure the yaris was embarrassed at being driven by a man. That's why it rolled to the highway

rexgar2000 10

lol yeah I gave him so much shit for the yaris. One time he tried raising me and he was like "Holy shit man! I just went 45!" I cried lol

rexgar2000 10

but later one he bought a 2011 GT 5.0 mustang. I was shocked.

rallets 22

looks like he tried too hard to redeem himself lol

Hope you and your car are perfectly fine!

The car has a will of its own. Try not to get on its bad side !

thatKidzmOm 10

oooorrr this person could use the handbrake....... you know people made the hand brake for this reason rofl

OP put the car in park. Learn to read.

Were you on a hill by chance? Dude that's so scary. Be glad you caught it before it went into the ditch! Good reflexes :)

trackstar132 4

I would just use the parking brake ya know the thing you use so it doesn't role away when parked?

On a hill it is advisable to also use the handbrake.

Sometimes the parking brake isn't adjusted right so the parking brake won't even work.

McAninch35 9

Yeah but OP didn't even try it. That's like saying "sometimes cars dont start so I'm not going to drive one."

leadman1989 15

Ever seen saggy ****? Gravity always wins. :(

Did I miss something? Also, it helps to get the right your/you're when you're calling someone else a dumbass.