By aeris - United States
Today, I brought my boyfriend over to meet my parents. They prepared dinner for us - mushroom pasta. I have always hated mushrooms, so I spent the entire dinner trying not to gag. Unfortunately, I did gag and my mom got up and smacked me so hard I fell out of my chair. FML
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Well friend, I did mention my own hatred of mushrooms in my comment, so please tell me how you missed it? Each of us has different tastes, so some like mushrooms, and others don't. Disliking them is definitely not a valid reason to belt your child out of their chair, though.

  Glowworm56  |  25

No, it's not a good reason to hit someone, especially when OP is a grown woman and shouldn't have to be forced to eat something that she doesn't want to.

By  listicka  |  5

Your mother is abusive cow. She knows you hate mushroom and still prepares it. And then disrespects you by smacking. You are adult (or close to it) and that's not right. I hope once you move out of the house to never speak to her again.

  voncrane  |  23

Wow, your parents must have really done a number on you. It could have been a joke. Which is what I believe it is. At least they didn't cook what her date absolutely doesn't like. Regardless, it's not worth moving out of the house and never speaking to your parent(s) again. Jeez, you current or future partner is going to have their hands full dating you. Good grief!

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

Sounds like you may have had an abusive childhood and not realised it.

By  onceuponatime456  |  16

Sounds like it is time to stop having anything to do with the b*tch! She deliberately made a mushroom pasta, knowing full well that you hated mushrooms! On top of that she did it when you brought your new boyfriend to meet them. She then assaulted you and you should charge her!