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Today, while taking a shower, a spider fell from the ceiling onto my foot. I took down my shower head to wash it down the drain, and in the process, got soap in my eye and rammed my head into the wall. FML
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and at least the spider didnt buttrape him

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What you're not telling us is the pain in your ass-hole and satisfied smirk on the spider's face that you noticed after you recovered from the blackout induced by the head slam into the wall.

What's with all of the bathroom mishaps lately?

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lol @ 5! what's with all the spider/shower injury related FMLs?

today while in the shower I got a little bruise. FML! that is laaammmeee

at least it wasn't thousands of ants like that other fml

Rey, I was thinking that, too. Some people need chaperones in there and maybe a safety seat.

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you are complaining about ramming your head against the wall, but what about the wall? They dont like it when that happens! They cant complain either!

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you murderer!!! u the devil! let the power of Christ compel u! let the power of Christ compel u!!!

YDI for not letting the spider take a shower with you.

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Something about Soviet Russia leads me to the conclusion that they are very scientifically advanced. Or they just take Newton's laws too seriously.

ok so **** your life becouse you got a owie your retarded

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#51 Their Vodka is genetically enhanced to make everyone else except Soviet Russians look retarded.

44 just made my day. And I also almost pissed my pants.

29 is right! These recent shower related injuries are too dangerous to be left unchecked! I volunteer to moniter these ladies showering activities to ensure their safe completion of daily hygenics! I shall begin with 29, don't be shy I am here for your safety!

who the hell would need a helmet and safety goggles in a shower?

at least it wasn't a brown recluse or black widow. and if it was...AT LEAST YA DIDNT GET BIT...

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#37= BIG WIN lol I couldn't stop laughing at that......

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#122- u do have a good point!!!!! if it was any of those ya I'd be done already..... wait way if it was? lol op just said their final words!!!!! may they rest in peace..........

omfg #1 ftw! and at least u killed the spider

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Lmao @11. You just made my day XD

5 and 11 don't get their posts deleted, but I made a post here with the word •ss in it along with the other 100 words and it got deleted

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In Soviet Russia, ceiling falls from spider!!

71- in soviet Russia you'd be shot for talking about what soviet russia was like

well at least u got the spider, I would go through a lot to get a spider out of my house

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What a perverted spider with a foot fettish.

theres a lot of hot chicks on fml. especially 92 and 37

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The bright side is that your eye is now squeaky clean. hooray.

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tht happened to me once only it was one of those silverfish things o.o

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a common house spider won't do anything to you

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So? Spiders are really scary!

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So do I, but my question to the OP is how do you manage to bang your head into the wall?Soap in the eyes is something I can see happening, but you don't even have to move your head to move the shower head.

yeah. how did u manage to hit your head

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Today I was watching this chick take a shower, she sees a spider and rams her head into me. FML

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Hate spiders, and soap in your eye is definitely painful. FYL, OP.

Sir your comment reminded me of that episode of Family Guy were Peter and his family have to flee to the South because a killer is after Chris.That's the one were the racoon jumps out of Peters revolver lmao

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hahahahahahahaha, well maybe she thought it was her raccoon at first, but then realized it was actually a spider.

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60 where were you yesterday? i made a family guy reference, and all i got was bout 20 replys bout how much family guy sucks

Sorry Towelie, I was up for about 36 straight and just flat out crashed. You can only live on redbull for so long.

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Yes Family Guy is one of the funniest shows on today.....Peanut Butter Jelly time everyone!!!

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Well they were wrong family guy is theeee shit! greatest show ever invented.. hands down. haha. i mean really take the time to watch a good 10 minutes of it people! :)

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#100 try aderol it works miracles red bull could not dream of!