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  Melkezidech  |  0

What you're not telling us is the pain in your ass-hole and satisfied smirk on the spider's face that you noticed after you recovered from the blackout induced by the head slam into the wall.

  Ajjas013  |  6

Something about Soviet Russia leads me to the conclusion that they are very scientifically advanced.

Or they just take Newton's laws too seriously.

  SubjectDelta  |  0

29 is right! These recent shower related injuries are too dangerous to be left unchecked! I volunteer to moniter these ladies showering activities to ensure their safe completion of daily hygenics! I shall begin with 29, don't be shy I am here for your safety!

  Peacemaker9  |  7

#122- u do have a good point!!!!! if it was any of those ya I'd be done already..... wait way if it was? lol op just said their final words!!!!! may they rest in peace..........


So do I, but my question to the OP is how do you manage to bang your head into the wall?Soap in the eyes is something I can see happening, but you don't even have to move your head to move the shower head.

  srunano  |  4

Sir your comment reminded me of that episode of Family Guy were Peter and his family have to flee to the South because a killer is after Chris.That's the one were the racoon jumps out of Peters revolver lmao