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Look out!

Today, I was walking out of the train station when an old man grabbed me. I started screaming, yelling, "HELP" like a madwoman and tried pushing him away - that's when I saw the golf cart rush past me. He was trying to push me aside from getting run over. Everyone started laughing. FML
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  gladlily  |  16

I feel lie a simple "Watch out!" as he grabbed her could have prevented this situation. I'd be alarmed if someone just grabbed me out of nowhere without a word too, whoever they were.

By  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

Lmao, don't worry too much you can't trust everyone, and a bunch of dick heads are going to say that you deserved it, but hey you can't trust everyone. But this is HILARIOUS!


In today's common society, most people would be quite freaked out if an old man tackled a young woman. So stop being such a sensitive loser and if you aren't used to such behavior as this FML, you'd better get used to it.