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  DrunkIrishman  |  0

You must be commenting on the wrong stuff a LOT davelociraptor, cuz this is neither a photo nor is it photoshopped. But kudos to you for working in the industry. The kitten ones are always my favorite.

  blargity  |  0

#1 how is she a loser?
and to anyone who thinks she was trying to not be a virgin anymore, she wasn't necessarily looking for sex
too many people on here misread these and then flame someone like this girl which ironically makes them a dumbass
i hope she didn't do it

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Agreed. Ugh, my friends tried to pull a similar stunt on me.
You know, the first time is special AND WILL PROBABLY SUCK at least a little, so you don't just go out and find some random dick.
(durrhurr, pun, but seriously, your friend is a douche, OP, don't be ashamed to be virgin)


lol #12 i read it as "dick" the first time, not jerk..... and why is it that the guy is always considered a dick just because the girl doesn’t know him very well. Girls, most guys aren't all dicks... most of us have arms, legs, and a torso too.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Well, I didn't necessarily mean it quite like that, but I did say dick so...

Elaborating, I meant to not just sleep with a random guy to lose your virginity. You need a nice guy you've known well enough for a good while now, and is going to be willing to do snugglies afterward. I'm sure you're going to need those snugglies.
As a strong-willed bitch, I definitely don't like the "most likely will be crying" possibility, so I'd like my first guy to be someone I feel I can be that open with. Random dude, even a friend, does not count as someone like that.

Ahem... That will be the end of my corniness. [slinks away]

  shirvon100  |  0

she kid die that next day and not ever experience the gloryess fealing know as sex, so personally better her having sex with one of her good friends that she knows and trust then not at all.

  bohemond_fml  |  0

Either that or has some really weird idea that sex has to be with a true love or something like that. Seriously, sex is just sex. If you want it then no reason not to do it with a friend. Uptight people could easily be virgins til way longer than they should be.

  lmmmr  |  0

Who are you to decide when they should and shouldn't be? If they are what you describe as "uptight" then they are probably perfectly happy with their chosen lifestyle. Stop passing judgment on others just because you think your "alternative" lifestyle is so much cooler.