By anonymous - 13/07/2015 09:45 - China - Shanghai

Today, I was yelled at by a bunch of angry people because I couldn't physically move out of the way while 10 more tried to force their way onto a subway in Shanghai. Then one old lady started hitting me with her purse to get me to move even more. FML
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'Subway in Shanghai' sounds like an awesome band, with many band members.

Aunt Jemima has no time for your shit!


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You got the first comment and you blew it.

Could've been worse, I suppose, I could've said first.

mds9986 24

I saw a video once of a train station guard literally cramming people into those trains so the door could close, like when you're trying cram clothes into a suitcase so it closes finally. That place is not a place for you if you value personal space.

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Sometimes people fall asleep on you

Seems like it would be an Asian cultured filled city with such massive populations

Aunt Jemima has no time for your shit!

'Subway in Shanghai' sounds like an awesome band, with many band members.

The truth of your comment kind of bothers me xD

So why couldn't you move? Were you already against a wall or something?

ColonelCusswords 24

In big chinese cities there are so many people on the subway, you are literally just stuffed into the subway like a suitcase full of burritos. Its likely that the train was way to full and the op was unlucky enough to be near the door getting blamed for it.

Overpopulation is starting to nip at our heels.

20- And to think people wonder why the Chinese government mandated only one child per family. It is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. Has no one ever heard of peak production?

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Sounds like an appropriate time to play...subway surfer

Yeah every time I get annoyed with crowding on public transit here in Chicago I'm reminded of how much worse other places have it...

ColonelCusswords 24

China problems

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Don't you mean probrems

gotta get that foot-long

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And people in New York complain...

llamingo 8

I live in New York it's not always that bad but this has sometimes happened to me too (except for the old lady part)