By fun_gal

Odd one out

Today, my family said that we're all in this together, so I headed over to their house before the stay-at-home orders go into effect. When I arrived, my brother came out to stop me in the driveway to say they were practicing social distancing. From me. FML
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  dancingcats  |  5

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  Marcella1016  |  31

Eh he was making a pun and a ridiculous joke like he does on every FML. I admire his persistence. Lighten up.

I could be biased though because I love stupid puns lol.

Fun girl. Fun gal. FUNGAL. Geddit?! Hahaha

By  Marcella1016  |  31

OP your family is just exercising an abundance of caution. I know it is probably really hurting your feelings, but if you have been going out, going to work, etc, it is possible you are a carrier who isn’t showing symptoms yet and you could get your whole family sick. That would probably make you feel much worse lol.

My suggestion: wait the two week recommended quarantine period and if you show no symptoms then, ask again. Actually ask in advance so you are all on the same page. Then they may let you in.

And strap in. This is going to last a loooong time. Certain powers that be are trying to lift the quarantines before Easter, but we will just see a spike in cases then and go back to quarantine. So buckle in and hunker down and try not to let this family thing make you feel bad. They are really just trying to be careful and safe for everyone.