By Anne - 29/04/2012 06:41 - United States

Today, I spoke to my ex again for the first time after our breakup. The first words out of his mouth were, "I love you, so I'm going to have to confess some things in the hopes that my honesty will help us get back together." It didn't, but it does mean I have to get tested now. FML
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Hey, at least he said something. He could have not, then you might of had plenty of problems to deal with in the future.


iLOLatURpain69 7

This is the time when the word "positive" means you're doomed

Exactly. He should have atleast told you he had it before giving you that 'good good'. Now you got the bad bad!

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I'm not just sure. I'm HIV positive.

I have AIDS, yes I do, I have AIDS, and now so do you!

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32 - If your going to quote South Park do it correctly. It's "I'm not just POSITIVE, I'm HIV positive".

Tested for love sickness OP or as I like to call it chlamydia.

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*breaks into song* you have AIDS yes you have AIDS. Not HIV but full blooooown AIDS!!!!!

Ouch... Honesty is great... But he kinda... Well I'll just say what everyone's thinking. He ****** up. STD's... Kinda tells you something about him doesn't it?

Not at all. He could've gotten it the same way that OP may get it. But he is a dick for not saying it in the first place.

Rommel FTW!!! He was so good, Patton studied him

He saying the truth :D! Thanks 56 ^_^ Rommel is 110% Ftw

81: They're creamin' over WWII generals...

Hey, at least he said something. He could have not, then you might of had plenty of problems to deal with in the future.

I hope that answers your question about getting back together with him.

Think positive and get on with your life!

40) Dum Dum Tsss. (Or however you would type the double snare hit then cymbal.)

68, you ruined it with the explanation.

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That is beyond ****** up. You should kick his ass. Then make sure that every girl in the world that he would ever come in contact with knows that he has an STD.

Revenge is never bad >:) I think a few people would want revenge on Hitler...

Maybe they do but revenge is not the way forward!

Except that she probably will never seek revenge, it would be a valuable information for others, considering that he treats telling to have an STD as an exceptional act of gentleman-hood that must be rewarded.

Yeah, I wouldn't want to be the ex that goes out of her way to bad mouth him (face it, saying 'just so you know, he has warts' never sounds like praise) to anyone he ever comes in contact with. Let it be his problem, if you got an std deal with that on your own and move on.

*I 100% expect to be thumbed down for suggesting she handle it like an adult.

Carve "STD" into his forehead. (Inglorious Basterds reference.)

79: I will never thumb down adult behaviour. ...I see what I wrote, and ya know what? I stand by it.

OP, I'm sorry to hear that, anybody who says you deserve it are jerk offs. Hope your results come back negative!

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Good for you to think positive...

Well, at least he told you now so you know you have to get tested. If he did pass on any crap to you (you can't be sure about that, maybe you got lucky), then hopefully it'll still be in an early stage and still easily treatable. Stay positive, OP.

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I think she would prefer to be negative

Obviously. He said 'maybe you got lucky.'

How could anyone vote YDI on this one? I'm sorry OP, and I hope that your test results come back negative.