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Today, the girl I had a crush on for the past few months called me and wanted to tell me something. Excited, I agreed and we went out to dinner. She wanted to tell me she had been secretly seeing 'someone' for the past six months. FML
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By  grimmelok  |  0


Why was this FML picked? There isn't even a punchline. "A girl I had a crush on starting dating someone." So? This happens to people everyday, and while it can suck, it isn't that big of a deal.

By  Peroxide  |  3

I really don't get you women. She took you out to dinner to tell you she's dating someone else? I don't know what those gay dudes are complaining about, they've got it easy. I need an elite team of WWII code breakers to decipher your bloody signals. "Sir we think we've cracked the code, the nazis are invading and she thinks your cute".

  youfools  |  0

Sorry, but Peroxide made a much more offensive generalization. But I suppose since he's male, he can do no wrong?
Are you trying to deny that males think about sex more than women do? It's a biological fact that males have higher libidos. Cultural stigmas that only whores like sex doesn't help.
So, Moonfire= right, the male chauvinists =wrong

  Thunderbender  |  2

Peroxide and Ascaryrobot are right. I really hate how when a guy does something to get the person he likes, then he's a pig only thinking with his penis, but when a girl does it its cute and she's just looking for love.
Men tend to want sex more but that doesnt mean when we like a girl its just because we want to have sex with her.
I believe Peroxide's point is Asking someone whom she knew liked her out to dinner with out telling him what it was about first is leading him on. She could have just mentioned she had a boyfriend without the whole dinner thing.

And I thought men are supposed to be the clueless insensative ones.