By Anonymous - 14/02/2013 00:00 - Canada - Coquitlam

Today, I was walking down the street in the dark, and the woman in front of me kept looking back nervously. I jokingly assured her that I wasn't a mugger. She then took out a knife and mugged me. FML
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irony at its finest.

Pepper spray works wonders in these situations


Pepper spray works wonders in these situations

Or in my case carrying a auto-knife works wonders when someone tries to mug you you pop out a knife and say "Come get some bitch!"

Did anyone else think of phoebe and Ross from friends?

VIPwhenever 15

Or pocket sand.

Megan98 18

Or a stun gun!

Or the balls to stand up to someone armed with a knife.

37- true, but there's standing up for yourself and there's giving your material possessions to someone who could potentially kill/wound you

Your not going to mug me?? Ok i'll mug you then. How's that sound?

This FML is why rule number 1 is always cardio. You can't get stabbed if they can't catch you.

wlddog 14

Why doesn't having a firearm come to anyones mind? A concealed license is not hard to get. I carry pretty often and if I would have seen this or been OP she would not have been happy.

43 - also true, but it's been my experience that people who resort to mugging other people for there income usually aren't trained with weapon they carry. This being said, fighting someone who's armed isn't as hard as you'd think.

74 - agreed, but I've learned from experience that guns aren't a popular topic on here. If I'm not mistaken the sight is based out of Europe, so that's probably why.

Having a concealed weapon here is completely illegal, there are no permits unless you are an officer. Wish it was like Texas.

wlddog 14

I pity people that are not allowed to defend themselves. (little MrT joke). Seriously, the criminals will have guns whenever they want them. Why not give law abiding citizens the chance to at least be on equal terms with the criminals? I would never live in cities or states that ban firearms. There is always too much crime.

Aerostudent 1

Because turning a mugging into a homicide would've made this situation SO much better for everyone involved. Don't know about you, but I don't see the contents of my wallet as being worth ending another person's life over - why you would want a gun in a situation like this when you could have something practical like pepper spray or a tazer is beyond me.

wlddog 14

85 Its called removing crime from the streets. Good example, Spiderman. Todays thug is tomorrows murderer. The criminal mind gains confidence every time he is successful, and is eventually willing to take on bigger and bigger jobs. People get killed during muggings pretty often as well. Just because he has your wallet does not mean you are safe.

#85 - Nobody said you had to kill the mugger. They pull a knife on you, you unholster your gun and tell them to walk.

See, I wouldn't have made the joke. Maybe if she thought you were a mugger as well, she wouldn't have tried to mug you. Solidarity and all.

You mean "honour among thieves"?

TheDrifter 23

Nope, muggers union rules. Wouldn't want a grievance filled against her.

Or just fear

irony at its finest.

well you dident lie

Harshdfml 14

No, he dident..!

she is a muggerfu**er!!

Or a muggermugger ;)

#44 ...And you killed it, badly. You should feel bad!

Isn't she a mugger, rather than someone who f**ks muggers?

That is why I wear steel toed boots. One swift kick to the ribs and bam , no more mugger.

The mugger is still there, just with a cracked rib perhaps

Very true, however they think twice about mugging another person.

LuckBeNimble 19

24: perhaps. that, or they'll use a gun next time! O:

7, I have a folding knife on my belt at all times. Not because I'm scared to be mugged or anything, I just use it for everyday purposes and for opening boxes at work. So I'm good if someone tries to mug me with a knife.. (Legal carrying limit here is under 4 1/2") and mine is exactly 4 1/2 so I break no law :) and I would never use it in a normal fight because that's just dumb and being a "pussy"

The_Honey_Badger 17

Wow, that sucks.

soja_fml 18

Thank you captain obvious!!

Thank you so much for enlightening us #8.

that's why I carry a set of knives on me.

A whole set? Do you just grab your cutlery like car keys on the way out?

Do you perhaps mean a deluxe Swiss army knife, or an entire set of knives. Either way you follow rule 9. *rule 9 is " never go anywhere without your knife "*

Oh the irony.

DragonText 4

I never feel comfortable walking behind someone at night male or female or them walking behind me. This is why you should change your pace, or go to the other side of the street. Super simple stuff.