By Brandenn J Moore - 11/7/2021 04:01


Today, my girlfriend, who I've been living with for the last month, told me she's not attracted to me and wants to see other people. She told me this after months of dating and telling me she was thinking about having a child with me. FML
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By  smackthat23  |  3

Did your looks change at all? Style or weight? A lot of partners become less attracted to their significant other when certain things like those change. It’s really rough, but be thankful you found out before having a child or wasting any more of your life with someone who doesn’t love you unconditionally.

By  Even Neeve  |  3

If this only came up after you moved in, you might need to have a discussion with her about that. Maybe your cohabitation skills leave something to be desired and she realised in such a short time that it’s not going to work out. Moving in with people you are dating can make or break the relationship.