By PrezKisame - 03/01/2013 20:35 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I went to take a shower. Afterwards, I noticed I'd forgotten to bring a shirt to change into, so I put on a towel and went back to my room, only to witness my 14-year-old brother and a friend smelling my bra, commenting on "how warm it is". FML
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PrezKisame tells us more.

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My door doesn't lock. Problem

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I smell incest.

smells like teen spirit.


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OscarDV 8

Yes, because being curious about girls is an early sign of serial rapists. OP's brother is a creep though.

Wouldn't it be easier to access **** tho?

hockeychicl003 6

last time I checked you can't smell ****

...well THAT escalated quickly.....

How quickly?

78- at a rate of two words/second

1- That was a slippery slope. Thanks school for teaching me that

This thread gave me cancer

Valiumknights44 12

Scratch and sniff **** would cause quite the sensation.

I smell incest.

I believe the little brother does too.

hawright 13

I was just pondering, what does incest smell like?

And does it come In a candle fragrance?

No only in incense and perfume

LuckBeNimble 19

16: no, it was his sister's bra.

your comment made me start thinking of the song "I smell sex and candy".

Ah, I smell loss of innocence.

86- Incest incense?

Well they do say incest is best when kept in the family ^ - ^

indielove 13

126- it wouldn't be incest if it wasn't kept in the family.

It's suppose to be a witty and ironic saying, not to be taken seriously

Incest incense? Has a nice ring to it. Perhaps you could call it incestense? The perfect gift for your family. What to get the sister who has everything? New! Incestense candles. Smells like shame and guilt.

Incest is the best. Put your cousin to the test.

smells like teen spirit.

KingCeltic77 18

Nirvana FTW!

raider27 7

Drake? From 9 AM in Dallas? Possibly?

Is that why everyone down voted 70? Because they all thought it was drake lyrics? Lmao.

BlueFlatts 20

Nah, I down voted 'em because I really don't like Nirvana.

WrongRomance 11

I'm pretty sure Teen Spirit is a brand of girls deodorant.

I love you.

No you dumbass

Smells like someone should be shutting the door to their room from now on...

robo_thunder 13

Well they could still just open the door. She wouldn't hear them if she's in the shower.

20- Is this the practiced voice of experience I detect? ;) *Teasing!*

robo_thunder 13

Oh yes, I am quite skilled in fending off bra sniffers

Or just give me the bra, and ill make sure that they don't smell it... Seriously... Give it to me!

zero91 4

should just lock the room and bring the keys in the shower.

Dam and here I was gonna try and sniff your bras lol

RedPillSucks 31

Most houses don't have bedroom doors with key locks or which can be locked from the outside.

Wtf, i would tell your parents. Thats just ******* creepy that your own brother was smelling you're bra! Puberty is a harsh mistress

PoopNuggetLeader 4


I think it is a lack of a mistress.

Your brother has some serious issues to do this.We can only hope that he doesn't have a sister complex, as that could cause some serious problems later on. Try to talk to your parents and get some evidence that this is happening.I hope that he doesn't try to sexually abuse you. I hope things work out for OP.

OhMinty 5

Why are you assuming that the brother is going to assault the OP?

It's very possible for horny teenage boys.

The_sGTw_0979 4

It seems that he already has some sort of attraction towards her (possibly strong, since he went so far as to sniff her bra), and because it would be incestuous, it is already seen as unnatural. She's obviously creeped out and would never return any feelings. It's not hard to imagine sexual assault occurring.

I'm thinking no. I have seen several of these posts now as well as being a little brother. They are always accompanied by friends. The friends want to see your sisters underwear and you oblige them because you want to snoop through your sisters stuff. Funny that everyone assumes the little brother is a twisted perve because he is caught with his friend in her underwear drawer. That was always where my sister stashed her weed.

Don't worry 83 I'm not feeling up your sisters boobs.. I'm getting some weed.. Yea some weed *looks around sketchily*

83, they were sniffing her bra not looking for stuff like weed in there. there's a huge difference.

Wait, is this the same brother and friend who may or may not have removed OP-from-the-other-post's bra in her sleep?

Yeah maybe original OPs brother is staying at the friends house this week

If so, OP must have some pretty bad luck with bras.

I hope he's your step brother, but that's still incredibly creepy. I'm sorry dear.

Uhhhhh.........I'd be scared and this is when I start to thank that I'm an only child.

11- Awww, don't be thankful for that. I have a younger brother and sister, and I'm glad I got to be the older brother to both of them. :) Sometimes, it was like being the "back-up dad", when my sister ****** up the car and didn't know who to tell, or looking out for my sick, scrawny little brother at school and helping him with his math homework. Or scaring the crap outta my sister's boyfriends when they started acting stupid, lol! ;D The whole experience made me grateful for my family, and to this day, it still feels nice to have someone I was raised with and had that history with, that isn't afraid to say they love you. :)

Wow, so deep man!

RedPillSucks 31

*wipes tear from eyes*

We all spend way too much time here... Haha