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By  icalledhisname  |  11

If you’re not in the know about what she’s reading, you should be. 12 is still very young. At least, I’m assuming you didn’t know or approve of her reading that book...
And honestly if she read it, you may want to get her into therapy, because that book will shape her views on sex, boundaries, how women should be treated, etc. A child should not be reading that, they’ll get bad ideas about how relationships should be.


I feel as if the school should have referred this to Dept Family Services to investagate. A child that age should have never read such a book... that basically allowing a child to watch porn.

  sarsuela  |  25

"such a large novel" - really? It's about 500 pages while HP books are (after the first three) about 600-800 pages. At 12 years old I read all kinds of books (and even though I picked them from teenagers section in the library there still was inappropriate content) and my parents couldn't have had the time to keep up with what I was reading, let alone bat an eye about how thick it was.

By  Cowgirl1293  |  24

Is it bad that I actually laughed when I read this post? I know 12 is still extremely young to be reading that book. I seriously hope it doesn't ruin any relationships she has in the future. Also I kind of want to read the book report. What was in that report to cause the suspension?

By  kateannobrien  |  20

12 is young (way too young for that content), but also old enough to understand that it is inappropriate to do a book report on an extreme sex novel. I would guess she was likely suspended because she was also talking about the content with classmates.