By kerripjones - United States - Newark
Today, an old friend and I reconnected. Everything was going fine until he threatened to visit me at work. I didn't know he knew my place of employment, so I replied, "Do you know where I live too?" He answered, "Would you hate me if I did?" FML
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  nonsensical  |  26

No, this is Patrick

By  khoov19  |  20

"Run Forest Run"

  TheDog6  |  24

You should have responded with "Would you hate me if I called the cops"

For the mean time though, maybe stay with a friend or family member just for safety in numbers.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

I don't know why, when I reconnect with an old school friend. It usually goes like this. "What ever happened to Cathy?" "Oh she got her art degree and is working at XYZ design firm." "Oh wow, so shes a big city girl now", "Nah she still lives over on elm, you know where the Millers used to live?" "Oh yeah, man, its been so long I'd like to catch up with her. Do you have her number?" "Sure". No need to be creeped out. There is also nothing wrong with knocking on an old friends door. Thats what doorbells are foor.