By workaholic - 17/11/2010 07:34

Today, I was talking to my manager about a movie. She asked what main actors were in it, but the only one I could remember was Forest Whitaker. I told her then immediately blurted out "You know, the one with the freaky lazy eye." My manager has a lazy eye. FML
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His eye isn't really lazy. He's just secretly checking you out with one eye.

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You're gonna be fired OP


His eye isn't really lazy. He's just secretly checking you out with one eye.

Another "Aussie"...heya! :-)

I heard that people with lazy eyes have the power of incredible hindsight.

I thought you were dead!

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I bet

lol, hey bunny!

I see you have your old account back marinus? :P

Josie! I just read your profile thing, and I think you missed a word at the very end. I think the word you missed is 'good'.

thats yet to be proven sunshine ;)

Josie I FB'd you.

oh you did too :) WHOOPS :D

Down votes, down votes everywhere

Nope. I have a lazy eye.

Haha failed xD

yes he did XD

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idiot! :')

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You're gonna be fired OP

think before you speak!

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Or suffer for your words.

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watch what you say next time.

That was definitely a time to be completely embarrassed, BUT, if you played it off as it was no big deal then maybe your boss would just let it slide as a mistake. After all, no one likes attention brought on to their...misfortunes?

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Say you never noticed your manager had one because you're un-observant.

People can have lazy eyes that look exactly the same as the other one mine is! :)

Manger? Good thing it wasn't your manager.

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Where do you see manger?

They fixed it. The first one said manger when they first posted it.