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Today, I broke a glass case containing my pet scorpions. I still can't find them. FML
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I wouldn't be able to sleep... I hope you can find them. Look in quiet dark places and don't stick your hands anywhere you can't see!


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hahaha Murphys law!! personally I think crap like this is almost guaranteed to happen with pets like these, again Murphys law. If uou wouldn't be ok with them getting out of their containers, maybe not have them in the house. (they ALL get out eventually)

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OP never said he was scared of them missing.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I wouldn't be able to sleep... I hope you can find them. Look in quiet dark places and don't stick your hands anywhere you can't see!

Check under furniture, and I recommend using tongs to pick them up, they'll walk onto one tong if you gently nudge them from behind with the other

Better than a tranchula...right? (Corrections accepted)

19 - I am assuming by the "corrections accepted" that 3 did not know how to spell tarantula. Tarantula isn't something you say everyday so a lot of people don't know how to spell it.

26- That's why there's this new thing called the internet, which you have to connect to for commenting on here anyways

I would rather deal with one tarantula than more than one scorpion

I dunno, scorpions have two pinchers and a stinger. A tarantula has two fangs. Basic math tells me that I'd rather deal with a tarantula. But, as a tarantula owner, I am biased. ;)

tarantula. and hell no it isn't better rather get bit by a tarantula than stung by a scorpion

@33 I can't really search up how to spell a word if I can't spell it, and I'm certain he can't. His best help is Google telling him "Did you mean tarantula?"

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You'll find them... Eventually... One way or another...

Maybe they'll find OP instead. Homeward Bound: Scorpion Edition

Your comment reminds me of that song by Blondie. "One way, or another. I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha."

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Haha I didn't think of that. It kind of does sound like it now that I think about it.

How did you get a band inside glass containers?

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What? You haven't seen Futurama?

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I can't see why you would have negative votes. That was a nice reference #5.

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Took me a minute to get the reference

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And this why people should not keep venomous creatures as pets.

Cats and dogs have their own dangers. No matter the animal, there is always some risk associated with it. People like different animals, including poisonous pets. My pet (non-venomous) has tried to kill me several times, but I still love her.

All scorpions are venomous. That's how they hunt their prey. But you're correct, many are not fatal if they sting a human. However, I'm sure there are some that may have an extreme allergic reaction (similar to fatalities to a bee stung). Heard scorpions glow with a black light.

that they do, years ago I went to an environmental display, and that was one of the things they had, a scorpion under a black light. looked pretty cool

#37 is correct. Venom is just an injected toxin. A creature doesn't have to be deadly to be "venomous".

Amen to that. I've never understood why people keep dangerous snakes as pets either. I know there is a cool factor but still ...

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They're fighting sub-zero in the fridge.

this does not have nearly as many upvotes as it should

You'll find them in the wrong place at the wrong time.