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Today, my family and I were about to watch the video my dad took of me walking across the stage at my high school graduation. Turns out he recorded the wrong kid. FML
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maybe that kid looks better on camera

typical American? yeah, like we're the only people that occasionally do stupid things.


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maybe that kid looks better on camera

That's what you get for being adopted and having an alcholic dad

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may be he was ******* her how do u know

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haha that sucks OP. FYL. most ppl wanna see their graduation without a problem. maybe the school filmed it and you can buy a DVD rhi?

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*tho not rhi. stupid iPod keyboard.

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#7 RWJ FTW But seriously, that sucks op.

typical American? yeah, like we're the only people that occasionally do stupid things.

#7, looks like the video was fake and gay

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Why do people see high school graduation as a big thing?? Any retard can get a diploma. As for walking across the stage.. that's all it was.. you really needed to watch it happen?? I don't remember my actual graduation at all.. what I do remember are bits and pieces of the nights that folllowed an d highschool. So again, Wtf do you need a video of you in a gown for?

hahaha it's just walking and getting a certificay though and usually you get a professional photo? so dosent matter

hahaha well that sucks, but not that bad. at least you know you graduated, it's the memories that count. walking the stage isn't exactly something I'd watch again, but whatever floats your boat

12 WTF. What is a typical American. I am getting tired of you assholes cutting down on people for being American. Is it a jelous issue? I have yet to see typical (insert country here). We are all created equal. You are no better than me and I am no better than you. It should not matter where you are from. Get a grip and show some respect. Geez.

24 what the hell does living in the US have to do with recording the wrong kid? Where are you from that makes you so perfect? What do I deserve for living in the US? I just cannot believe the immaturity here. People need to stop showing so much hate. It's why society is so messed up.

#42 / #44: people saying 'YDI for being from the US' to every American are the same as people saying 'YDI for getting out of the kitchen' to every woman. They are trolls and they need to be ignored. Don't give them the satisfaction of getting responses.

48 is correct. Responding to them just feeds them with more motivation. Don't worry, you don't have to call them out for being an idiot, their ignorant comments speak for themselves.

this fml is stupid. at least your parents were there. graduations are too long anyways. now you can put something on there that everyone can enjoy. like homemade ****.

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look on the brightside...if there is one. idk it's your life :)

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lol I think it's funny that sooooo many ppl are jealous of the U.S.! sorry you guys have to live wherever the **** you live with your caves and shoeless moms. :)

Typical Americans, too stupid to realise the world laughs at you.

48/49. I know I know. I should just let it go. it just angers me when people show disrespect like that. I am proud to be an American. America isn't perfect but no one is.

so jman two questions for you. where are you from and how old are you??

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this also happened to me, my dad recorded the wrong kid but then it was ok since i was after him anyway then when it was my turn the cam wasnt recording

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This happened to me, too, at a band concert.

at least it's not **** or a sex tape...or somethin sick...

Everybody needs to calm down from 12's post. It's probably an American who thought it would be funny.

jmanhobbs I see you didn't have the balls to reply with where you are from and your age. typical American hater hiding behind autonomy.

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WOOHOOGOUSA we are #1 **** all the American haters

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#65 all you people who are in other countires need to stfu about America this and America that.. 1/2 of you idiots don't know what the hell your talking about and wow you see someone who's having problems and you assume all Americans are like them? And if the Us is so stupid..why are all you foriegn ***** always migrating here? I'm proud of my country so whatever ....

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Haha sorry FYL but that's hilarious and completely pathetic. How do you mix up your child for someone else?

Everybody looks the same in those caps and gowns. If they were seated far from the stage, it's even more understandable. Also, there is a delay between the time your name is called and the time you actually walk up for your diploma. Lastly, some schools do two lines at once to speed up the ceremony. If any of those conditions applied and OP's dad was unaware of it, it's not surprising that he filmed the wrong kid.

or they can be extremly similar in names x.X

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At my graduation, my family spotted me right away.. and we had a pretty big class and they were far away. I understand if it was the two line thing... kinda.... but other than that he should have been more observant...

My family took pictures of my graduation, I had a hard time finding myself between the caps/gowns. I think it would be pretty easy for someone mix it up. As long as they knew the general area/direction I was, I was happy.


hahaha(x fail! hella funny thou!(:hey who has a myspace?!

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I went and added Jas, but I'm hardly ever on it :P

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Yarr, I see :] Well I'm out for the night, get some sleep hun :D


yea it's 3:41 am am *yawwn* night night

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#56, you're new on the internet aren't you? Welcome!

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...#58, I'm pretty sure that's a joke about how myspace has fallen into obscurity. :v

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next time don't let stevie wonder record your graduation

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LOL.... I'm sorry for laughing, but it is funny! It's day you'll look back and laugh at your dad's mistake!